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“They have him sedated.” Drivers of Today reveal more details of the ‘accident’ of Eugenio Derbez

  • They reported that Eugenio Derbez suffered an ‘accident’
  • His wife reported that he would undergo surgery
  • Drivers of Today give new information about their state of health

On the night of Monday, August 29, Alessandra Rosaldo reported through a statement on her social networks that her husband Eugenio Derbez had suffered an accident for which he would undergo surgery. The Mexican media began to report on the event.

Until the morning of Tuesday the 30th, there was more information about the state of health of the comedian and actor. Personalities like Javier Ceriani and the hosts of the morning show Hoy gave new details about how Aislinn’s father is in the hospital.

They assure that it was not a car accident!

They assure that it was not a car accident!

A few hours after Alessandra Rosaldo will report on what happened with her husband, the journalist Javier Ceriani from Chisme No Like gave more details about what happened. “Confirmed that the shoulder is all destroyed,” were the words of the Argentine driver.

In turn, María Luisa Valdés reiterated that it is not a traffic accident, as much has been speculated. “It was not a traffic accident, in the statement it says that the operation is complicated, but it is for the same reason about the shoulder, it does not compromise his health,” she assured. FILED FROM: Eugenio Derbez accident revealed

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