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They guarantee that El Canelo ran to Grupo Firme of the XV yrs of his daughter

  • Did Eduin Caz make Canelo offended?
  • The boxer could have taken out the team
  • What took place at Emily’s social gathering?

The XV a long time of Emily Cinammon Álvarez, daughter of Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez, carry on to give a great deal to talk about, because the famed Tijuana group Grupo Firme and Carin León attended this fantastic and magnificent celebration, and they assure that the Mexican boxer ran them from the bash.

On social networks, the Mexican shared specifics about his daughter’s get together, such as the exquisite purple dress he wore through the mass held at the Guadalajara Cathedral, the venue wherever “Canelo” married Fernanda Gómez in Might 2021, who also She went to the bash in a pink costume to match the glance of her daughter, María Fernanda.

Did he kick them out of the party?

Grupo Firme and Carin León had been in demand of enlivening the unforgettable minute by singing “Las Mañanitas” to start off their presentation with well-regarded melodies these types of as “En tu perra vida”, “El Tóxico” and “Pídeme” that Saúl Álvarez did not wait to sing with them on phase.

In accordance to the entertainment influencer, “Chamonic”, there had been not ample tables to get all the friends, so some had to wait around up to a few several hours outside the place to be capable to sit down. The journalist certain that quite a few friends had not witnessed the waltz of the quinceañera.

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