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They give lessons for scoundrels

Naked eye, “Lessons for Scoundrels” is a comedy in which its characters make a living by stealing and swindling, but the new feature film by Gustavo Moheno (“Even the wind is afraid”) also offers a reflection on the family and, in particular, on fatherhood, a concept reconfigured by Barry ‘the dirty’, a character played by Joaquin Cosio for this story that came to the billboard in the framework of the Film Festival.

“It is the finding within the character, of these fibers that he did not know at all, a character who had not allowed himself to be sentimental because of his way of living, he got used to pretending and not trusting, but the appearance of his daughter brings down all these walls behind which he was hiding, that seems to me the most endearing part of the film, a love story of a father to his daughter and that meaning that is given to fatherhood”, Joaquín Cosío commented to MILLENNIUM.

After the death of her mother, Jenny (Dana Reynaud) travels to Mexico City to find his father: Barry “el Sucio” (Joaquin Cosio), when she arrives she realizes that he is a swindler, but that does not stop her from wanting to make up for lost time and Barry introduces her to his world of scams, along with his current partner Marisela (Diana Bovio). When they plan the big scam, Jenny must decide if she wants to be part of that world and be with her father or not.

“In society we have stigmatized what is or is not to be a good father or a good son, but if you look at it with a magnifying glass, there is a lot of dysfunction inside; in the case of Jenny and Barry we see it, but love can manifest itself at any time and it does not have to be born only from the desire to love, Jenny goes looking for her father no matter who he is and that represents a great effort for her, because they are from opposite worlds, but the love remains,” said Danae.

Unlike other stories in which Cosío has participated, “Lecciones para scoundrels” takes him away from hostile and violent characters such as “El Cochiloco”, from “Hell”; or “Don Neto”, in the series “Narcos: México”: “It meant a singular effort to get away from what I can represent and from what many directors have worked with me, the rough and violent character, of course this story radically separates me from that,” explained the actor.

“At the end of the day, Barry is a con man and a trickster who pretends to be nice and that is more difficult than being a villain, that involved a very complicated job that I was able to develop thanks to this story and Gustavo (Moheno), but also thanks to the work of my colleagues who are fresh, very funny and professional, I feel that this story allowed us to develop a good job and create a relationship that is noticeable on screen”, she added.

In the same way that Barry changed Cosío’s acting line, Bovio also experienced a character that took her out of her comfort zone, by giving life to a master of deception: “Marisela challenged me from the casting, when I got to the test had given me the wrong scenes, Jenny’s scenes, that was not my character, at that time I had to read Marisela’s scenes and enter the character from nowhere, “explained the actress.

For me it is important to approach people from their psychology, from their shortcomings, to see what is behind the characters, in their past, because that connects me more; In addition, the villains enjoy each other a lot, I really enjoyed their sensuality, their ability to manipulate, it is interesting to see this power that has been given to sex, I loved this character because it has that complexity that led me to offer something more than make people laugh”, Diana added.

For Moheno, this film represented growth as a director, not only for exploring a comedy again, after “Eddie Reynolds and the Steel Angels”also because it went through the pandemic and the premiere had to stop for more than two years: “There was a moment when I thought that I was not going to finish it and that we were not going to release it in theaters, but finally it is a big premiere and we are going sheltered by Cinépolis, we go to 800 screens in the country”, he said.

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