Home Entertainment They fight for the freedom of Maykel “El Osorbo”

They fight for the freedom of Maykel “El Osorbo”

They fight for the freedom of Maykel

MIAMI (EFE). – Cuban singer Descemer Bueno, who just released “Lágrimas de sangre,” a song written with Maykel “El Osorbo,” and has been jailed in Cuba since May 2021, said the Cuban government is forcing him to punish the rapper to pay success of “Patria y vida”, winner of the Latin Grammy for song of the year.

“The song was sent to me by Maykel a while ago before he went to jail. It is a priority for me to address this issue now that I had to raise my voice on,” Bueno said.

The topic, which has more than 170,000 views on YouTube, is serving as a campaign for the release of rapper “El Osorbo,” who is “seriously ill” in prison, Bueno said.

“Maykel is going through a difficult time, he is ill. I don’t dare go into details, but I will say that we coordinated with (the organization) Prisoners Defenders to get him out of prison,” the artist added.

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According to Bueno, who has a 25-year artistic career as a composer and performer of various genres from bolero to reggaeton, “no efforts to get ‘Osorbo’ out of prison ‘have worked’.

“The only thing Maykel wants right now is this song, which is really his song,” Bueno said shortly before leaving for Madrid in Miami.

According to Bueno, “Lágrimas de sangre” is a song that was “completely unreleased” until it was released on YouTube earlier this month.

The song alternates between a lyrical performance in English with the voice of Cuban-American actress and singer Isabella Castillo and fragments in Spanish written by Bueno and the voice of “Osorbo”.

The subject is mounted on archival graphics, many in black and white, which, according to the description of the audiovisual footage itself, “speak to the conscience of a people who have suffered for 62 years under the oppression of the dictatorial regime and today find themselves in one of the more critical episodes.

“We’re putting a lot of effort into this promotion through YouTube, people are responding very well, I’m very happy,” he concluded.

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