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They enliven Arath de la Torres’ ridicule of Carmen Salinas; they ask for “cancel”

Aratha críticado por burlarse de Carmen Salinas

Netizens remembered the time when Arath mocked and mistreated Carmen Salinas in “Hoy”; such was the embarrassing moment.

MEXICO CITY. – The health of Carmen Salinas placeholder image There remains great concern as it continues without improvement and the diagnosis has shown no change so the actress remains stable but seriously in and with natural coma involuntary movements and low brain activity.

Due to the sensitivity of the also producer’s panorama, fans of ‘Carmelita’ have remembered her several good and bad moments on television. This is like Arath from the tower He’s back in the middle of the controversy as internet users relived the time he mocked the former PRI MP in full live broadcast.

They Enliven Arath De La Torres' Ridicule Of Carmen Salinas; They Ask For &Quot;Cancel&Quot; - Light Home News
Internet users remember the time when Arath made fun of the gesture Carmelita made with her classmates (screenshot)

So Arath de la Torre “mocked” Carmen Salinas

A few weeks ago the first actress was a guest on the morning of “Today”, right in the Arath from the tower is a driver. That morning of November 6th, Carmen Salinas placeholder image He went to the program to promote the telenovela “My Fortune Loves You”.

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Andrea Legarreta and Arath from the tower They were responsible for speaking to her, but apparently the gesture of ‘Carmelita’ was not to the taste of the actor and comedian because when Carmen Salinas took her cell phone to say name by name, the cast who are responsible for the new production will form Arath made mocking gestures towards the camera.

He even managed a sentence that many referred to as “unkind”.

“Ah, yes, you did your homework, now tell us about your memes. Well, now tell us a little bit about your character, ”Arath said to Carmen, who preferred to ignore her.

However, that would not be the only weakness Arath de la Torre had against Carmen Salinas, who later also became a comedian interrupted the actress while speaking of a deceased relative.

As expected, that awkward moment Carmen Salinas experienced went viral and hence internet users gave up their c. outritica towards Arathwho was singled out again for his rude and arrogant demeanor. In the same way, that moment has led some to wonder if it will be “canceled” and even that it will say goodbye to tomorrow.

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