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“They don’t even believe”: Myriam from La Academia confessed why she doesn’t follow Cesia, Nelson and Rubí

The singer’s godchildren “lost” the follow Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: CUARTOSCURO) (Photos: Instagram/@soynelsoncarreras/@iamrubiig)

With more than two weeks to go The Academy: 20 yearsthe finalists and the personalities related to reality continue to give something to talk about, because Myriam Montemayor already explained the reality about the accounts of Instagram of his “godchildren”, that is, Cesia, Nelson and Ruby.

In previous days, it was reported that the former academic I had stopped following and even locked in Instagram to the young singers, so fans began to speculate about all kinds of rivalries and enmities, referring to a live broadcast in which they sang As the flowerof Selena Quintanilla.

In this regard, the winner of the first generation of The academy He mentioned that he did not even follow the contestants, since they did not have access to their social networks during the commemorative season for the 20 years of the contest.

This was expressed by the singer in her account Twitter: “They write to me to ask me why I stopped following my godchildren, the reality is that I did not follow them, because they did not have access to their networksthen do not take for granted, nor believe everything they say.”

It was during a live broadcast that Cesia’s followers made her see that her godmother was no longer following her, in this regard, she verified it and He said that he had no idea why he had taken such an attitude.

“I hadn’t noticed that the godmother really stopped following me, but I don’t think she was angry about something like that because it wasn’t with bad intentions (…) I didn’t do anything to MyriamI was singing, and if he got angry about something childish, then everyone take things as you want, I did not do it with bad intentions, I did not even know”.

Cesia assured that the situation did not warrant being offended (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)
Cesia assured that the situation did not warrant being offended (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)

Cesia stated that what she did during the live broadcast with her classmates was only singing As the flower and that her godmother could have taken that moment with humor, assuring that she he didn’t do it with the intention of offending her or to get upset with them.

In that sense, the winner of The Academy 20 years He commented that if he were in the place of MyriamI would have taken it with humor, because it is the “mature” way of reacting to this type of situation.

“She stopped following Rubí and Nelson, if they had done that to me, I would even have made a duet video because it is even funny, because it was not a way to make fun of her, you know that we are good comedians, but well, I would have taken it maturely and laughed”.

The young singer explained that regarding the interpretation of As the flower because it was Selena Quitnanilla’s song that she sang in the most recent edition of the reality show, but there were comments where she made sure that she had done it “in whispers”.

This is how Myriam Montemayor responded to Toñita (Photo: Twitter)
This is how Myriam Montemayor responded to Toñita (Photo: Twitter)

Cesia then interpreted in the same way As the flower during a live broadcast he did with Nelson and Rubí. When she finished singing, they realized that Myriam had come in to see them and greeted her, but there was no response from her.

At that moment, Nelson proposed to end the InstaLive, but at that moment, they had already “lost” the supposed “Follow” of Montemayor, his godmother. This is not the first time that this singer is imitated by one of her colleagues, because recently her generation partner, speed star, made fun of the way he singsthis during a meeting of former academics to which the winner of the first generation did not attend.


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