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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

They destroy TUDN for announcing Diego Ruzzarin and ‘Werevertumorro’ as their team for the World Cup

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is about two months away from startingso everyone prepares to receive it in the best possible way, from players, fans and even television stations.

In Mexico, it is known that both TUDN What Aztec TV -mainly- they maintain a firm competition for the rating in national soccerso the World Cup will not be the exception for both seeking to attract viewers in the best way.

Thus, TUDN began to advertise through their social networks to characters that will be part of your team heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as well as the sections that will cover each one, from the merely sports, to entertainment.

Have you seen the crew that breaks it on the Internet and will accompany us on the great adventure to Qatar? The net, the net, it’s very bad,” TUDN wrote on its Twitter account announcing its team made up of the yotubers Diego Ruzzarin, Werevertumorro, the Atlas soccer player Norma Palafox and Wera Kuri.

However, the response from Twitter users was not as expected, since they began to criticize the presence of these characters in the great world soccer event and some even threatened not to see the fair on the TUDN screens.

“TV Azteca and Televisa are outdoing each other in who gets more shit. Now we have to decide between listening to La CotorriZzzZZa or Werever”, “qWhat horror, thanks for warning, because I will not see it with you”, are some of the comments that are read in the TUDN publication.


Diego Ruzzarin was one of the most criticized characters in said publication Since, although his colleagues have already been seen at sporting events, the 38-year-old youtuber manages a somewhat different profile on social networks.

Ruzzarin is a Brazilian industrial designer, Youtuber and author, specialized in food design. He is CEO and founding partner of Foodlosofia and Casanomo. He worked at PepsiCo Mexico for four years as research and development coordinator. In 2011, he joined Enivrance and four years later founded Foodlosofia.

In 2018, Ruzzarin began his stage as a Youtuber, where he addresses aspects of pop culture and current affairs, analysis of movies, songs, memes and news of different sizes. That same year, his podcast “The Ruzzarin Bros” was born, recorded together with his brothers Mateus, Andrés and Marcelo, whose The first chapter was titled: Do Mexicans deserve corruption?


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