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They deny Betty White died of a reaction to the vaccine for COVID-19

Actress Betty White turns 100 and celebrates her in style

He passed away on December 31st Betty knows, one of the so-called “Golden Girls”; After his death, however, rumors surfaced that his death was due to the fact that his health had deteriorated due to the vaccination. COVID-19.

However, the representative of the 99-year-old actress denied that this was true.

“As far as I understand it was by natural causes. Unfortunately he was 99 years old. But there was no illness. Betty was a healthy, healthy woman, and to anyone who tries to start a political discussion about vaccines with Betty White I’m just saying, don’t. It is not true“Jeff Vitjas told the portal Entertainment tonight.

Vitjas was his employee and friend for many years, he assured that Betty had been locked in his house since the beginning of the pandemic, although he received a few visits from time to time.

He also assured that the funeral will be a private event and only those close to him will attend.

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