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They criticize the queen of the Veracruz Carnival for comparison with Queen Elizabeth II; “How disrespectful!”

Yeri Cruz Varela, better known on social media as Yeri Mua, is one of the most popular content creators on social media.s but is constantly involved in controversy; She recently accused an INE worker of changing her official identification to “make her look uglier.”

However, the influencer originally from Veracruz has also carried out actions worthy of being applauded because recently announced that it will pay for the reconstruction of the nose of a young woman who defended herself from being a victim of sexual abuse.

This timethe 19-year-old influencer is “in the eye of the hurricane” after a controversial publication on her social networks. Yeri Mua joined the list of famous people to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II this Thursday, October 8, but Internet users considered that the comparison he made by ensuring that it was a message from “queen to queen” was disrespectful.

As queen of the Veracruz carnival, I wish Queen Elizabeth II to rest in peace. Nor worry England in Veracruz we are all well and the queen is in good health“, Wrote the influencer accompanied by a couple of photographs in which she and Queen Elizabeth II appear.

This publication caused outrage by thousands of Internet users because they consider that it was a lack of respect and an offense against a historical event.

“Me trying to understand if it was condolences or mockery”, “Yeri, but you are not that kind of Reyna. Don’t mock”What a lack of respect” Respect the mourning”Yery… In my opinion, not everything can be taken as a game, mockery, or whatever you want to call your publication “, Nothing to see. She was not a folk queen. must read”How disrespectful of that girl,” wrote upset users.

Given the wave of attacks he received for his publication, Yeri decided to defend herself by assuring that it is a “message from queen to queen” because she was crowned in the last Veracruz carnival.

“Offense why? I am also a queen. It is a message from queen to queen AND SUPPORT”answered.

In addition, he asked to remember the good deeds he has done on the internet: “Those who say that Never I have contributed nothing positive. Do not forget that in October we will do the michi bazaar for the 3rd time where we will sell all my clothes that criticize me so much that I buy and the criticonsillas envy me and all the money raised will be donated to the cat home “keep it””ended.


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