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They criticize Danna Paola after confessing that for the first time she got on the CdMx Metro: “an extreme experience”

Danna Paola, famous actress and singer, once again is involved in controversy. And it is that the interpreter of XT4S1S announced that she had never before -from the recording of her video- had gotten on the Mexico City Metro and that she had found it an extreme experience. Is that why social media users criticized her? We tell you what happened.

A few days ago, Danna Paola released her new musical success XT4S1S along with the video clip where she walks the streets of Mexico City and takes the Metro Collective Transport System (STC) Metro.

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For this reason, this peculiar act was celebrated by some of his fans. However, the fact took a turn and now it was harshly criticized. And it is that the famous one expressed in an interview for MTV that this was the first time that she got on this means of transport:

“I have to say that I had not gotten on the subway in Mexico City. He had taken the subway from other places and other countries, but he had to find the moment and it is not because he did not want to or because he despised it before, “said Danna Paola.

As if that were not enough, the singer clarified that it was an extreme and very top experience, for which she already took a liking to her:

“At this moment I liked it, I will upload my BTS of the experience, because it was an extreme experience to get on the subway, but above all because I had a lot of fun. The people who were in the subway were also very cool, so it was a super night, almost when they were going to close and it was a very top experience, I love the subway, “he concluded.

Due to the above, social network users attacked the actress. Some were offended that the singer did not get on before, while for others it was a lack of respect that she classified as extreme to get on the subway when she did not do it in a rush hour:

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”; “I’m his fan, but he did make me laugh. Extreme is that he recorded it at 7 am then it would be extreme”; “And me going by subway every day without having fun or being cool people”; “I wish I could say that I have never gotten on the subway, but it is the only thing that is enough for me to travel and even then I was not lucky enough to meet Danna”; “Extreme, hahahaha, very cool, now get on at rush hour and daily”; “Very privileged”, she reads herself between the reactions.


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