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They criticize Christian Nodal for his reaction to the singer’s insult against Belinda in his face: “rude”

Christian Nodal, famous regional Mexican singer, once again is in controversy. And that is when it was believed that the Belinda issue had been left in the pastWell, it turns out not. And it is that, although the controversy around the singer and actress did not start with himthe famous continued it. What happened? We tell you how the famous followed the game of a singer and fan who insulted Belinda.

It was through various social networks where The video in which Belinda was again involved began to go viral.

Belinda helps with a serenade during a couple’s reconciliation: “Love is the most important thing”

But what happened? It turns out that the regional Mexican singer was in a public Mexican food place, where mariachi music was present. Everything was going in order until a fan and singer began to sing the theme of La Derrota at his table.

Before the nostalgic moment of pain, Nodal took the microphone and continued singing a fragment of the song. However, the atmosphere changed when the fan and singer launched an insult into the air at Belinda, the singer’s ex-girlfriend.

After the incident, far from Nodal kindly asking for respect for his former partner, the singer began to laugh and continued singing as if nothing had happened.


And it is that despite the fact that when the love breakup was announced, through a press release, a good relationship between the two and the request for respect was presumed, everything changed as time went by. Nodal caused a negative image of the singer of Love at First Sight.

As expected, the controversial video has caused a stir and divided opinions. For many it was a lack of respect for the singer, but also for Nodal for not stopping the hate.

“Get over it”; “So after a while with Cazzu”; “Very nice voice and all, but it’s not funny how rude the ridiculous old man is”; “How rude that old man was, it wasn’t necessary but the one who is naco is naco sings as he sings”; “Nodal follows him with his giggle”; “How rude. They can give their opinion and say anything in private, but that is bad in public”; “It is a lack of respect for that man to insult someone he does not even know and Cristian to follow that game,” reads between the reactions.


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