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They criticize Bárbara de Regil for commenting on Chiquis’s body: “it makes me very sexual”

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Barbara of Regil He saw his popularity increase due to the exercise classes he began broadcasting on Instagram in the midst of the pandemic, which was followed by a wave of criticism for the racist comments and family violence he made on his live shows. Now, the actress returned to generate controversy for her opinion on the body of Chiquis Rivera.

In a meeting with the press at the Mexico City airport, Bárbara de Regil pointed out that the body of the Jenni Rivera’s daughter is not to his liking, a comment that sparked criticism against the fitness influencer.

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“It’s not my body style, it’s not a body that I would make or have. It seems very sexual to me, as well as all sexy,” said Bárbara de Regil in front of the cameras of the program Come Joy.

The actress described as “father” that Chiquis Rivera shares messages of self-esteem and motivation. She also did not rule out collaborating with the singer in the future.

“Of course I would like to, she is beautiful and really pretty,” said De Regil, who will soon star the soap opera Cape of Televisa, a new version of You or anyone which will be under the production of The Guero Castro.

The famous also said that she is willing to gain weight for a character, which would lead her to break with the lifestyle she has led in recent years.

“Yes I would, oh, how interesting!”he exclaimed.

On the other hand, Bárbara de Regil applauded the physical appearance of Alejandro Fernández, The foal.

“He hasn’t gained weight, The truth is that he is very handsome, I don’t see him as fat, I don’t see him as bad. I see him as a gallant, and he is also a gentleman, he is very attentive and a super good friend.”

They criticize Bárbara de Regil in networks

However, the influencer’s comments were not well received on social networks, where Internet users urged her to keep her opinions about other women to herself. Some more of her asked her to care about her and not talk about the lives of others.

“If it’s not your body, just don’t comment”“Nor well, to worry about her and everyone their life”,Oh, not like they like to make controversy that doesn’t exist”, “We are in the middle of 2022! No one talks about people’s bodies anymore! locate yourselves”What the fuck do they have to ask and she to answer and give an opinion about the body of others”, “It’s that she shouldn’t like it, Chiquis should like it, look at this,” were some comments circulating in the TV Azteca morning publication.


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