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They celebrate mass of Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’ for the 111th anniversary of his birth

Reminding Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’ on what would be his 111th birthday, the Moreno del Moral family organized a mass in the chapel of the Spanish Pantheon, where his remains rest. At the end of the religious ceremony, the family dedicated a few words to the media.

There are 111 years of celebrating, continuing to remember him, of celebrating that he came to this world to continue forever, as his father said, the footprint comes to this world not to be forgotten, I think he did very well”. Commented Mario Moreno del Moral, grandson of ‘Cantinflas’.

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In addition, he assured that he wants to carry out his career as an actor and producer, leaving aside the name of his grandfather, but exalt the family.

It is what I want to do, follow this legacy, forming my own steps, my own path, producing the first film that I wrote, I am producing and I am going to act, I am going to give my side there”. Mario Moreno del Moral responded.

On the other hand, he spoke of the legal process that comes against ‘Tita’ Marbez, since she is the universal heiress of Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’invited her to solve the case and also donate part of her grandfather’s fortune to charity, as it is something she would have liked.

“I have always said, as long as the lady does it with respect that she deserves such an important figure and is not putting it in products that have nothing to do with it, if it leads to how a figure should be, yes, go ahead, but that he share it with Mexico and share it with the people, that it not remain in one person, if certain amounts are earned, donate it, it’s something he would have done”.

He indicated that he would like to have a museum in memory of his grandfather so that fans could commemorate his career.

“He is a character that is for Mexico, he should be, I don’t know, things in a museum can be brought closer, like in Cuajimalpa, Pedro Infante’s and people go, why not share it like this? and beyond, if it starts to generate profits, donate it, there are many people who need the money”.

“Could you as a family do it?”

“Yes, of course, at the end of the day, you are not doing it as the character, you are doing it as the person it represents, but the lady has most of the objects, we don’t know where and what use is going to be given to it, but we do”. Mario Moreno del Moral finished.


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