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Thursday, August 11, 2022

They catch Katy Perry throwing slices of pizza in a club: “with everything and a plate”

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Katy Perry has earned the support of millions around the world thanks to his music, but also to his charisma and unexpected and funny reactions. And it is that his extroverted personality has led her to become the protagonist of uncomfortable moments that go viral and are documented for later, such as your recent night out.

Just a few weeks ago the interpreter of darkhorse suffered a spectacular fall due to her costume of The Little Mermaid, now she became a trend for her rapturous way of throw pizza slices to attendees of a Las Vegas nightclub.

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There is no doubt that if someone knows how to have fun in a club, it is Katy Perry. The singer was caught in the middle of the party throwing pizza to the public that gathered in front of the DJ area.

In the video that circulates in TikTok The singer is seen taking a slice and throwing it with everything and a plate towards where the people were. However, she didn’t carry enough strength and she ended up on the floor.

Katy Perry He did not give up, because he took another piece, although this time he threw it without a plate. Fortunately, she did reach the hands of the public, who celebrated the singer’s good attitude.

At all times the singer was loving and with a great sense of humor. She never lost her smile and they even threw the pizza without stopping dancing.

Internet users also applauded the joy with which Katy Perry distributed her pizza. My dream? Have Katy throw me a slice of pizza”, “Se says no one ate pizza that night,” Katy be like eat dogs”, “I love that he throws it with everything and a plate”, were some of the comments.


Katy Perry throwing Pizza to her Fans yesterday in Las Vegas at the disco with her friend of mine Morreti #2022 #Katy Perry #katycat #vegas #play

♬ original sound – katyperry_fans80

Katy Perry dressed as a little mermaid loses her balance

The singer was the victim of a small incident during a broadcast of American Idolwhere the singer fell to the ground while sitting at the jury table.

During the program on May 1, we see a part in which Katy is fully dressed as Ariel, Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, and puts her legs on the table. Without embargoMoments later, without seeing exactly what is happening, a great chatter is heard, as the singer fell.


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