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Monday, September 26, 2022

THEY CATCH IT! Adamari López appears in bed with another man (VIDEO)

  • Today’s driver was visited in a “compromising” position with a man
  • People started saying they made a ‘cute couple’
  • Will Adamari give herself a new chance at love?

Adamari López in bed with another man. Adamari is considered one of the most beloved faces of the Hispanic public and most famous. Currently the 51-year-old driver already has almost 8 million followers. The Puerto Rican enjoys sharing photos of her looking gorgeous, and videos of her trips that she makes around the world.

The favorite Puerto Rican on television gave a lot to talk about after Adamari López appeared in a yoga section with her very attractive instructor on the last Hoy Día program. The host’s fans immediately began to think that they both ‘have something’… Find out what happened!

Adamari practices yoga with an attractive man

Adamari López in bed with another man

Through the Instagram of Today, a video was shared where they teach you how to do ‘yoga from bed’, which can be practiced from when you are still lying down and you just got up. For this, they brought a yoga instructor specialized in the subject, and together with Adamari, they made a demonstration.

Adamari López had to be “the guinea pig” so that the handsome Zarid could demonstrate how to do yoga as a couple. For this, we can see in the images how the yoga instructor carries her with his feet, but according to several people in the comments, there was a certain ‘tension’ between the two…Filed as: Adamari López in bed with another man

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