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They catch Danna Paola dancing with a mysterious masked man; they call her unfaithful

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Danna Paola has once again given something to talk about after appearing in a club in Mexico City dancing with a masked manwhich caused a total confusion among its thousands of followers, calling it unfaithful.

A few days ago Danna dedicated a tender message to her boyfriend Alex Hoyer for his birthday: “The most magical human being who steps on this earth and fills us with light with his existence. Love you”. wrote the artist.

Danna Paola sends romantic congratulations to Alex Hoyer for his birthday: “The most magical human being”

During the weekend a video began to go viral where the interpreter of shut up, appears in a club in Mexico City with a masked man, dancing very close while Danna hugs him around the neck.

The comments quickly began to crowd social networks where Internet users claimed that the man, who wore a rabbit mask, was not her boyfriend since the physique did not correspond to the singer.

Although thousands of speculations have been made around these images, neither Danna Paola nor her boyfriend have spoken about it while the followers of the protagonist of Elite, They have assured that there is nothing to worry about since they mention that the small clip corresponds to their new video that will be released on August 11 since the clothing he wears is very similar on his social networks as part of his new single.

“It seems to me that it is part of her new song or album and if not, well, everything is forgiven my girl, in short, it is her life that she does what she wants”, “she is María Belén and she came to the land to be good so everything is a misunderstanding” are some of the comments that followers have left, defending her.


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