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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

They catch Cazzu kissing a woman in concert (VIDEO)

  • Nodal’s girlfriend was caught kissing another woman
  • They had assured that he was unfaithful to Nodal
  • Are they finished or is Cazzu cheating?

A few days ago Cazzu was on everyone’s lips for apparently being unfaithful to Nodal, but recently the two were seen as their first official public appearance already accepting to be boyfriends without hiding from anyone. Now the controversy resurfaces because the rapper was seen kissing a woman.

What is Nodal thinking of his girlfriend? Well, it seems that Argentina was not enough with all the scandal that was formed. The rapper, she entered the eye of the hurricane by showing herself so freely and very affectionately with other people when she maintains a relationship with the Mexican regional singer.

Was he unfaithful with another man?

Was he unfaithful with another man?

And it is that, in a video, which was released on TikTok and was recorded by Argentina, Cazzu is seen very affectionate and close with a subject who hides his identity and who is clearly not Nodal. As if that were not enough, in the clip you can hear how Cazzu tells the man “I love you”, which would mean that Christian does not care about him.

After this, neither of them came out to make their statements. Until a couple of days ago they were seen at the Gardel 2022 Awards, this ceremony took place in the native land of Argentina. The two made their first official appearance as a couple and looked very much in love.

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