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They capture Aaron Carter’s fiancée devastated after the singer’s death; she says goodbye

Artists, actors and other entertainment figures have delivered heartfelt farewell messages to Aaron Carter, who passed away last Saturday, November 5 at the age of 34. After her brother, Nick Carter, claimed to have a “broken heart” after the tragedy, Melanie Martin, the singer’s fiancee, was caught visibly affected and on the verge of tears.

After confirming the death of Aaron Carter, his fiancee visited the singer’s residence which is located in Lancaster, California, place where he was found dead in a bathtub by the police after rreceived a 911 call that a man had drowned.

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With dark glasses and a haggard face, Melanie Martin entered the home where she remained until the remains of Aaron Carter were moved out of the place. I love Aaron with all my heart and it’s going to be hard raising a son without a father.”said the woman.

the fiancée of Aaron Carter He also uploaded a video through his TikTok account of just a few seconds in which he is seen crying inconsolably while he is on board his car. She also issued a brief press release.

We are still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality.”he pointed out in a brief message that he sent to the AP agency on the day of the singer’s death. “Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.”

In accordance with AND! Newsa babysitter found Aaron Carter He lay unconscious in the bathtub and called 911. Agents and fire department personnel arrived shortly thereafter, who pronounced the singer dead at the scene. So far the cause of death has not been revealed, although in a first report the detectives rule out a violent death.

Aaron Carter and his complicated relationship with Melanie Martin

The singer had a long and complicated relationship of ups and downs with Melanie Martin, mother of her only son Prince, 11 months. The couple made their courtship public in January 2020, three months later they announced that Martin was pregnant, a baby she lost after suffering a miscarriage from “stress conditions”.

In June 2020, they got engaged and the following year they welcomed their firstborn. A week after the birth of their son, the couple separated only to return seven days later. They have since had a turbulent relationship, which Aaron Carter discussed in an interview for the No Jumper podcast on November 2.

“We had some confusion… She had some pretty bad postpartum depression after the kid. It got tough,” she said.


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