”They Cancel” Paco de Miguel; Brand their content as ‘falsely anti-feminist’

Francisco de Miguel Flores, better known as paco de miguelo, this afternoon became the new victim cancellation culture, after being described by self-proclaimed feminists as its content “Misogynist” Making fun of women.

with characters like ana paula u miss lie, Tiktoker became popular thanks to short video in which he makes fun of everyday situations such as mothers who go to school for their children or how teenage girls catholic school kermeses.

Although it has gained popularity and is currently more than 400 thousand followers on twitter, thanks to which it has acquired shares in productions such as “House of Flowers” As well as “neighbors”; Paco de Miguel recently created a controversy by sharing a video in which he made fun of him. psychedelic filter Which is currently a trend among young women on social networks.

Why do they say that Paco de Miguel is a misogynist?

apparently, the above triggered it considered to be misogynistic, Since some netizens believed that he only makes such videos which spoil the taste of women. However, the comedian – like many others – wouldHe only uses trends to create his own comedy; As mentioned by other users who have come out in their defense.

For now, Paco de Miguel has not commented on the matter, but Internet users on the social network have made his name a trend, while the message of his alleged abuse is repeated through several users:

“Come on and don’t tell me you’re a feminist. If you follow Paco de Miguel, he’s a guy who all his ‘comedy’ is based on making jokes about women and ridiculing them, giving us a little bit of us. More should be made” (sic), wrote one user.

For his part, YouTuber Chumel Torres (who has been falsely accused before) has come out in defense of the comedian and called the lives of those who criticized him “stupid”.

Here are some reactions and reminiscences regarding Paco de Miguel’s trend:

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