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They Call Montaners “Rare”

They Call Montaners

Singing as a Family, the Most Common Thing for Ricciardo

Miami (EFE).—Riccardo Montaner, who will perform a digital concert with his children Maui, Ricky and Ivaluna, and his son-in-law, Colombian interpreter Camilo Echeveri, said they have been branded as “rare”. To sing together when it should be normal, doing the things they enjoy as a family.

“They see us as aliens, when this is normal, get together as a family and do what we love,” the producer said at a virtual press conference in the Dominican Republic.

Los Montaners, who have achieved personal recognition in their respective musical careers, expressed to the press their enthusiasm for singing together on stage for the first time, despite the various genres ranging from ballads to reggaeton.

Ivaluna said that singing with the head of the family has always made things easier for her.

“Singing with them is the most relaxing version of singing live,” he said.

The singer says she now feels the same way when she appears on stage with her husband, Camilo, who in turn assured the media that the two enjoy “similar collusion” both in marriage and on stage.

The interpreter of “Vida de Rico” and “Milones” also admitted that they were terrified when they learned they were going to perform the “Los Montaner: Solo Una Vez” concert as a family.

“He challenges me a lot because I admire him so much,” said the Colombian.

The interpreter also reported that in about two weeks there will be news about when the broadcast of the reality show “Los Montaner” will begin, in which five singers take part.

For the pair of Mau and Ricky, the artist’s youngest children, the concert has been “an extraordinary excuse to spend time with the family”.

He assured that choosing the repertoire for a digital concert was a “challenge” as they also have different styles.

However, he emphasized that it was easy to find a common thread because “in the end all songs talk about love.”

He also explained that family concerts were an illusion from long ago and it does not follow COVID-19 but it is now more necessary than ever as the most important thing in difficult situations like now is the family unit.

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Ricardo Montaner explained that the concert on the stage of “Los Altos de Chavón”, which he would perform with his family, would be live, lasting two and a half hours and they would sing each other’s songs. There will be no shortage of songs from her most recent album, “Faith,” which she released in recent months and whose lyrics are completely religious in content.

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Los Montaner’s concert through a stage is scheduled for 9 p.m. (Mexico time).