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They boo JNS for leaving two hours late for a concert: “We want a refund”

Although JNS participates in the 90’s Pop Tourthe group has begun to give concerts on their own in different places, however, a few days ago they received a boo from the public that expected to see them at the Potosina National Fair (FENAPO) and they had to wait another two hours.

Due to this, the public did not hesitate to boo the members of JNS for not appearing on stage at the agreed time.. Through social networks like TikTok or Twitter they became viral videos of the moment in which the attendees shout and whistle at the singers.

“We want reimbursement, we want reimbursement”, is heard saying to the public that was waiting for the presentation of JNS.

As if this were not enough, the boos did not subside even when the singers came out on stage.

According to the organizers of the event, JNS was forced to delay their concert for a couple of hours. because a problem with the electrical power had occurred and therefore could not perform on stage.

Before JNS began their concert, one of the members, Angie Taddei, uploaded a video to the group’s social networks to explain to his fans the reason why his concert had been delayed.

“We are not on stage because the light plants broke, so there is no light. Here we are waiting in the dressing room and here we are all”.

Angie explained to her followers that without electricity they could not perform their show and asked people for patience who were waiting for her and her companions.

“We are ready with everything, but there is no plant, and if there is no plant, there is no light and there is no music, and if there is no music, then how do we do it?”


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