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They beat Danna Paola for saying that her first experience in the CDMX Metro was “extreme”

Danna Paola got on the CDMX subway (Photo: Youtube/@Danna Paola)

In recent years, Danna Paola’s career has taken off to such a level that she has come to be considered as The princess of Latin pop. However, the famous was again involved in controversy after releasing the video your song official XT4S1S, where he appears traveling in the Mexico City subway, and mentioning that it seemed like an extreme experience.

It was during an interview that he shared mtvwhere the interpreter of hits like Hey Pablo, Ordinary Love either Sodium talk about how you experienced recording the video clip his new single.

“I have to say that I had not gotten on the subway in Mexico City. I had taken the subway from other places and other countries, but I had to find the time and it’s not because I didn’t want to before or because I despised it, “she began to say.

Likewise, he mentioned that it was during his new launch, where he thought it appropriate to ‘venture’ to use one of the most used collective transport in the country’s capital.

“At this moment I liked it, I will upload my BTS of the experience, because It was an extreme experience to get on the subway, but above all because I had a lot of fun. The people who were in the subway were also very cool, so it was a super night, almost when they were going to close and it was a very top experience, I love the subway, “he concluded.


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The fragment of these statements quickly went viral on TikTok and several of the Internet users did not hesitate to react to it.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” “I’m his fan, but he did make me laugh. Extreme is that he recorded it at 7 am then it would be extreme”. “And me going by subway every day without having fun or being cool people”. “I wish I could say that I have never gotten on the subway, but it is the only thing that is enough for me to travel and even then I was not lucky enough to meet Danna.” “Extreme, hahahaha, very cool, now get on at rush hour and daily”, were some of the mentions that appeared.

But not everything was negative for the singer, since some of her fans defended her and pointed out that her fame could be a factor for which she may never have taken the Collective Transportation System (STC) on a regular basis.

“She never used it because she has been famous since she was little and people gather and get very intense.”. “She was a celebrity since she was little and people would later ask her for many photos, therefore she cannot walk freely on the streets, always safely.” “Girls, there are people who don’t have or didn’t have the need to experience that kind of thing, why do they get angry? That’s how everyone’s life is, it’s not bad”. “He just didn’t have the need”users wrote.

It should be remembered that, for the making of the video of a wild party -which is seen in Danna Paola’s video- the producers used the facilities of the Allende station of Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro.

As they commented through social networks, they wanted to include in the story to a candy vendor that he be outside the bathrooms of the club to provide the protagonist with narcotics that intensify her emotions that night.


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