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They auction the manuscript of “La Mano de Dios”, the song Rodrigo dedicated to Diego Maradona.

On this Wednesday, Argentina’s crypto-art platform marks the anniversary of Diego Maradona’s famous goals against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Coffee Gallery will hold an online auction of a historical work inspired by fluff, popular song manuscript hand of godCreated by Alejandro Romero, will be performed by Cordovan quartet player Rodrigo Bueno.

The auction will take place on Wednesday 22 June and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Kaffee Gallery platform. Base price $1,000,000 BUSD . Will happenThat is, a digital currency whose value is linked to the US dollar.

Buyers, organizers told, Kaffee Gallery will take the original manuscript associated with the NFT, which guarantees its authenticity. It was in the hands of the famous singer of Córdoba, who predicted that the song would be his last success and added the title INRIInitials that may have been written on the cross on which Jesus Christ lay.

In addition to being repeated in different languages ​​in several countries in Latin America and Europe, the song with its interpretation of “El Potro” had record sales in Argentina and was sung several times by Maradona himself.

Recently, the theme was chosen to accompany the trailer of Suno Bendito, an Amazon-produced biopic on Murthy’s life.

The original of The Hand of God is up for auction.  Mass Group Press Photo

The original of The Hand of God is up for auction. Mass Group Press Photo

“Master, may I ask you one? Can you sing mine to me? Alejandro Romero was requested by Maradona on the first birthday of his daughter Dalma after Rodrigo’s death in April 2001.

Romero was invited by Claudia who was his inspiration. “I grabbed the viola and I had to close my eyes to sing Diego was watching me! It was a high altitude situation and I feel very dizzy. When I open my eyes in the middle of the song, I see Diego lying there on the floor enjoying the smile on his face. It was a very exciting moment. Incredible.” recalls the musician. The star player always referred to the song as one of the most beautiful songs that were written for him.

Alejandro Romero performed the song for Maradona.  Photo: Mass Group Press.

Alejandro Romero performed the song for Maradona. Photo: Mass Group Press.

the story behind the hit

It was the beginning of 2000 and the economic and political situation at that time destroyed the dreams and musical goals of young Alejandro Romero. On February 29 of the same year, his phone rang: Rodrigo “El Potro”, his brother-in-law invited him to write a song for his next album. And, without going into further detail, he left in the hands of the author what might have arisen from it.

For a long time Romero was thinking in front of the blank page. Until after much despair and despair, he looked up at the sky and repeated… “Help me”. So, he grabbed the guitar and started writing a word, which was the first thing that came to mind.

Alejandro Romero with Diego Maradona.  Mass Group Press Photo

Alejandro Romero with Diego Maradona. Mass Group Press Photo

It was then that the magic happened and he guided her until she completed the letter that resonated inside her: “This is how I began to write meaningless words to myself: ‘In a village he was born, this It was God’s will, grow up and survive the humble expression, face adversity at every step with a desire to earn a living…’ and at that moment I felt my inner voice that told me ‘in a paddock she left an immortal Made a leg’ and that’s when I realized it had to do with Maradona”, remembers

Grateful and excited, he called Rodrigo after the song was completed, who expressed “Diego’s going to love it, everybody’s going to sing it (…) It’s your passport. Don’t ask anyone for anything!”, Then, staring at Page with a serious face and accompanying song, he announced that it would be his last success and baptized the song with a brief INRI in Page’s margin in tribute to Diego.


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