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They assure that Piqué had wedding plans and Shakira forbade it

  • Piqué would already have planned to marry Clara
  • They assure that Shakira does not want her ex to marry
  • Clara already wanted to marry the footballer

Shakira banned Piqué wedding: It was on the show Gossip No Like where Javier Ceriani began to sow suspicion of a possible wedding between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí. The Argentine assured that the Spanish soccer player already urgently needs to marry his young 21-year-old girlfriend.

Since Shakira’s separation from the FC Barcelona defender was announced, the hosts of the entertainment program have detailed every move made by the Colombian and her ex-boyfriend, as well as the new information that comes out of Clara Chia, the girlfriend.

Piqué would marry Clara?

Piqué would marry Clara?

A few days ago, between kisses and hugs, the soccer player showed how in love he is with Clara Chia Marti, his new girlfriend, with whom he attended a concert. It seems that Gerard Piqué definitely no longer has the intention of hiding all the love he feels for his new girlfriend.

The magazine Hello! He also released a couple of photographs of Gerard Piqué’s attendance at the marriage union of one of his friends hand in hand with Clara. Which caused a stir on social networks, as they began to speculate about a possible pregnancy and some wedding plans. FILED FROM: Shakira banned Piqué wedding

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