They assure that Frida Sofía did not go to a psychiatric hospital for studies

The novel between Frida Sofía and Enrique Guzmán continues, after a couple of days ago, the presenter Shanik Berman assured that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter went to a psychiatric hospital to carry out some studies.

According Shanik Berman, Frida Sofía applied these studies to verify that she does not suffer from mental problems or some syndrome.

They assure that Frida Sofía did not go to a psychiatric hospital for studies

On the other hand, the lawyer of Frida sofia categorically denied that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter had gone to a psychiatric hospital Instead, he deals with other situations and the process against Enrique Guzmán will continue in the coming days.

According to the lawyer, Frida Sofía suffered attacks and traumas for several yearsAs they collect this information, they will no longer discuss the case with the media.

“There is a lot of information, there are years of aggressions, traumas, very delicate acts that Sofía suffers and she is going through all this process of being able to collect in her mind and also in her life information that may be useful to us”, explained the lawyer to El Universal.

“So for us to get to the point of giving concrete statements, if we need to have sustenance in hand so as not to misinform people,” he added.

Who represents Frida Sofía against Enrique Guzmán?

In past days, Frida sofia revealed on Instagram that heto represent the Mexican law firm Oléa & Oléa.

“With the unmatched support of my family and friends, I have made the decision to initiate legal action against various people for events that are public knowledge,” he said.

“I sincerely request the corresponding authorities to conduct the corresponding investigations,” he explained.

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