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They assure that Chiquis Rivera is already engaged to her boyfriend Emilio

  • A few weeks ago he officially divorced Lorenzo
  • How long has he been with Emilio?
  • Her boyfriend would have asked her to marry him at a romantic dinner

Chiquis Rivera’s life may have entered a new chapter, since apparently she would have already been engaged to Emilio Sánchez. Jenni’s daughter went through a long divorce, but during that process she gave love a new opportunity that she is even about to marry for the second time.

The singer has had to go through some difficulties in her life, such as having to go through the death of her mother and taking care of her siblings. Her problems with her family seem endless, but now her life smiles at her with the possibility that she will marry again.

The long divorce with Lorenzo

The long divorce with Lorenzo

After more than a year, Chiquis Rivera managed to get legally divorced from Lorenzo Méndez. According to information given by the prestigious media, Los Angeles Times, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter regained her single status on June 13.

Recall that it was in October 2020 when the interpreter made the request in the Los Angeles Court. It should be noted that the divorce process took twice as long as they were married. Since shortly after Chiquis joined their lives, he wanted to divorce for alleged violence.

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