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They are the new characters of ‘The queen of the south 3’

Kate del Castillo is back on the small screen and now we will continue to see the adventures of Teresa Mendoza, in addition to the fact that in this third season of ‘La Reina del Sur’ we will meet new characters who we will discover if they are enemies or allies of the legendary protagonist.

The third season of the Telemundo series premiered on television this October 18, in addition to being one of the productions with whom he has become most attached general public since its first season.

The television station announced that this is the most dangerous life mission in Theresa Mendoza so you have to be very attentive to what happens.

‘The Queen of the South 3’: Where to see the third season?

New characters in ‘The queen of the south’

In this new season of ‘The queen of the south‘ not only will we continue to see the Teresa Mendoza’s life We will also witness how new people come into your life and how they will affect or benefit it.

Although it is still too early to know the true intentions of each of the new characters, yes. we can tell you a little about them and how they will enter the life of the protagonist.

One of the new characters is Pêpê Rapazote, is a renowned Portuguese actor and will give life to Paul Landerosa former military man who was discharged from the CIA for a ‘highly confidential mission’.

Matias Novoa

One of the most handsome actors on Mexican television comes to ‘The queen of the south’ in his third season as an important journalist who will make life Impossible Genoveva.

Arturo Diaz as Delio Jurado

The actor will be integrated into the series with the character of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency. He is an outgoing man who is always in a good mood even though he goes with the highest bidder.

Ed Trucco as Ernie Palermo

One of the actors who has participated in ‘La Ley y el orden’ joins this new production since he will be the new head of the DEA after the capture of Teresa Mendoza.

sophia lama

The actress will be in charge of iPlay the first lady in this new installment.

Don’t miss the third season of ‘the queen of the south‘ and the new adventures of Theresa Mendoza.


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