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They are the children of Gustavo Cerati; this is how they currently look

the legacy of Gustavo Cerati It was not only reflected in his songs, but also in his children, who follow in their father’s artistic footsteps from various trenches and little by little make a name for themselves in the creative scene.

On the occasion of the birth of the Argentine singer – came into the world on a day like today, August 11, but in 1959 –, we tell you who are the descendants of Gustavo: Benito and Lisa Cerati.

From being her fan to her great friend: How was Shakira and Gustavo Cerati’s friendship?

It highlights that both are the result of the marriage of the Soda Stereo vocalist with the Chilean Cecilia Amenabar; the couple married civilly on May 19, 1993, and on June 25, 1993 the religious bond took place. The love lasted 9 years until his separation in February 2002.

Benito Cerati

The firstborn of the Argentine musician was born on November 26, 1993 in Chile. From an early age he showed his musical talent, to the extent that he collaborated with his father in the composition of songs such as Goodbye, Force of Nature, Disaster Y Rapture.

His first band was formed in 2008 and was called Entre-Paréntesis; With this ensemble he began playing covers of Oasis and Coldplay. Then, in 2012, he created the group Blank Tiger, which a year later he renamed ZeroKill.

Zero Kill released their first album in 2012, trip tour, while his most recent material came out in 2020, Slip.

On a personal level, Benito caused a stir when on January 31, 2018 he announced on Twitter that he is homosexual: “I am a feminist and I fight for gender equality and the inclusion of minorities. I am gay and I am happy”, wrote the artist.

Lisa Cerati

smooth ne was born in Chile in 1996, but after a few months his family moved to Argentina. I feel Chilean but I always lived in Argentina“, said the young woman in a interview for the Radio Miter station program.

the young currently is dedicated to modeling and the arts visuals: “Always I was very into the camera, I always had that very marked and I think it comes from my mom, she made a lot of video clips for my dad. I really like everything that is acting, the camera, that’s why I like music to accompany the visual. I studied cinema and now I’m in graphic design“.

“My dad was always low-key in that sense, he always made us live a very normal life and made us understand that his position was that. But later in adolescence, where he was absent for everything that happened, that’s where I took on a dimension amazing,” Lisa said about how living with her father was.


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