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They are the celebrities with the most beautiful face, according to science

Among all the variety of actors there will always be one or the other that are to the taste of each woman.r, so it is difficult to determine who is the most handsome man in the artistic world, since aspects such as personality or style are taken into account when evaluating someone’s attractiveness.

A useful tool to determine who is the man with the perfect face is science, which based on certain measurements can point to who is the actor with the most beautiful face according to his factions and the harmony in his face.

Actors with the most beautiful face according to science

In a study carried out by a plastic surgeon from England named Julian De Silva, he has indicated who, according to the professional’s measurements, They are the men with the perfect proportions in their face based on the golden number or golden numberwhich establishes the relationship between two measurements and how similar they are.

henry cavill

The interpreter of Superman is the one with the most perfect face according to the golden number where it came out with 91.64% perfection. He is not only an attractive man to look at, but also under science.

George Clooney

According to the doctor, this actor is one of the most beautiful, since obtained 91.86% of the golden ratio. He is also a producer showed a great similarity in the measurements between his nose and lip and chin with eyes.

Bradley Cooper

The protagonist of A star Is Born obtained one of the first places of the most beautiful face by obtaining 91.80% perfection in the golden number by the measurements between his eyebrows, eyes, nose and jaw.

Brad Pitt

Despite being the favorite of many, the actor did not get first place, although he did get 90.51%.which is not a bad number, since he still showed a great similarity between his features.

david beckham

The former soccer player managed to enter among the most beautiful faces of entertainment by get 88.96% perfection. In the base of the nose almost achieves perfection since it had 99.8% in the golden ratio.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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