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Thursday, September 29, 2022

They announce that a person was injured where the wedding of JLO and Ben Affleck will be

  • Panic to wedding days!
  • They announce a wounded in the facilities
  • What happened inside the place?

HURT WITHIN WEDDING DAYS! One of the most special moments for each couple is the moment they decide to celebrate their wedding day. And well, for Jennifer and Ben Affleck, this day could not be missed -for the second time- so they decided to have a “more traditional” wedding in Georgia, but it seems that not everything is going as well as they expected.

Local media reported that the couple is experiencing moments of anguish after it was revealed that in the actor’s home – where the second wedding will take place – a person was injured and ambulances arrived at the scene. At the moment, it is unknown what happened inside the property.



A few days after the second wedding of Jennifer López and Ben Affleck, it was announced that the couple is experiencing a complicated situation after announcing that inside Affleck’s home, a person was injured and was taken to the hospital immediately; In the photographs presented by some media, the “Bennifer” couple is seen entering the hospital.

The couple had striven to get a wedding with more fanfare and hired a renowned Wedding Planner to get the celebration of their dreams, when the situation worsened from one moment to another. According to the Daily Mail, the couple is preparing for a three-day celebration with various activities that the couple was eagerly awaiting.

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