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They accuse Yailin, Anuel AA’s wife, of not paying for a “diamond” dress

Singer Georgina Lulu Guillermo Diaz, better known as Yailin the most viral, is involved in a controversy after her former image consultant accused her of not paying for a dress.

Leydis Ortiz exhibited this situation with Anuel AA’s wife through a broadcast on his Instagram account that resumed the program gossip not like: “They don’t want to pay me the money, don’t pay me, but don’t go out talking about raising the price or this and that. I’m cashing in a diamond dress”, he told at the beginning of the video.

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Later, Ortiz said: “Weeks of pulling for them to pay for the dress, writing to one, writing to another. Did no one reach the bosses with the information? It’s not my fault”.

“I tried to communicate with everyone simply so that they would pay me a shitty check…; I am not charging 20 thousand dollars, I am not charging a million dollars, I was charging the price of the dress that was not paid and two outfits that I made for Yailin for her last video. And I charged them very decently, I charged them a very good person for a long time,” Leydis added.

Likewise, he pointed out that the deal was clear for both parties: “I sent the inbox (to Yailin): ‘This is the last thing I’m going to give you, do you agree with the price?’ And she: ‘Yes, send it to me’. If you get a job, you don’t expect anyone to charge you, you don’t wait weeks to pay it”.

I’m tired of people saying things, because by the way, to make me look bad, They are trying to see what they get: that supposedly I charged for Kiro 200 dollars a day. Do you know how disrespectful it would be to charge for a dog that I loved? I took care of him, I taught him with a lot of love for her, I offered to take care of him, “he concluded.


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