Home Entertainment They accuse the Spanish C. Tangana of machismo for a controversial photo

They accuse the Spanish C. Tangana of machismo for a controversial photo

They accuse the Spanish C. Tangana of machismo for a controversial photo

The picture of C. Tangana on a yacht surrounded by bikini-clad ladies revived accusations of machismo in opposition to the lure singer, a method that’s normally within the eye of controversy for the position he offers to ladies in a lot of his songs, in the identical approach that different associated genres do, comparable to rap and music. reggaeton.

Letters like Fairly, by the Colombian J Balvin – “And this does not stop until you are without conscience / you have to lose your patience and let go of your legs “-, prior to now they raised protests from feminist teams that have gotten to get the cancellation of live shows.

For instance, in January 2016, within the Spanish municipality of Ciudad Actual, a efficiency by rapper Costa was suppressed for rhymes comparable to I hit her and scratch her, in the club or the bathroom/ I’m not going to stop giving you until I hurt you “, which, in line with feminist teams, “damage the dignity of women due to their high violent content.”

Higher alone than with Maluma

The protests in opposition to the reggaeton of Colombian Maluma had been additionally paradigmatic: “I’m in love with 4 babies / They always give me what I want / Chingan when I tell them / None puts me but”.

The Spanish artist and activist Yolanda Domínguez obtained tens of 1000’s of signatures to withdraw the difficulty from circulation for making “apology for direct violence against women, who are described as mere bodies without value, interchangeable and absolutely available at the service of the unlimited sexual desire of the perpetrators.”

As Marta del Pozo, professor and physician of Procedural Regulation on the Spanish College of Salamanca defined in a chat, “as long as women bend to the sexual desires of their partner when they mark, with or without protection, we are regressing in what we had gotten “.

#Mejorsolaqueconmaluma Was The Hashtag That Convened The Campaign Against Maluma, Accused Of Being Macho For The Promotional Image Of His Song Mala Mía.

#Mejorsolaqueconmaluma was the hashtag that convened the marketing campaign in opposition to Maluma, accused of being macho for the promotional picture of his music Mala mía.

Tangana, who on her most up-to-date album, The Madrilenian, has Andrés Calamaro and Jorge Drexler as friends, additionally noticed a live performance canceled in 2019 within the festivities of Bilbao (north) for lyrics like “I make your whore get stuffy, I make her shut up and bend over”.

Artwork, censorship and freedom

“When I write I am trying to make art and I am not putting myself in the shoes of an educator or the president of the government; I am trying to get something that has aesthetic and that is within a speech that represents me and what I think, “he mentioned in a later interview with Efe.

The previous vp of the Spanish authorities, after which deputy, Pablo Iglesias assured on this regard that “the work of artists, like politics, should be the object of criticism, satire, mockery or beef; never censorship”, an opinion that discovered echo within the former Minister of Tradition José Guirao.

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The official then confused that “the basis of artistic creation is in the freedom of ideas and thought, so we should leave aside that the creators do their work and that the public endorse it. “

The talk about sexist lyrics and sexual content material in city music goes again a good distance, and already within the ’90s essentially the most specific songs had been stopped being broadcast of the rising reggaeton motion.

In america, this sort of content material prompted Congress to advertise CD labels with alerts to oldsters in regards to the content material of songs, decreasing the extraordinarily sexual and aggressive content material of the songs with the aim of constructing them enticing to everybody. sort of viewers.

The machismo that individuals need

Nonetheless, the demand for “street” songs was nonetheless there and the response was the Latin lure, which “has been impossible to control due to the new electronic music distribution systems,” a former government defined to Efe in 2018. document firm that acknowledged that firms had misplaced their veto energy.

Ozuna and Dangerous Bunny, two of the primary exponents of the Latin lure city music subgenre, affirm that it’s the public that calls for that type of lyrics. Even so, the second took notice of the query, and became a drag-queen, in I canine alone opportunely made a speech in favor of the liberty to determine of girls.

In keeping with Catalan lure artist Dangerous Gyal, who makes use of breech motion as a type of empowerment, “there’s nothing more feminist than doing whatever you want and I do what I want. “

Mala Rodríguez, Along With Gata Cattana And Other Artists, Opted For Rap And Reggaeton With Feminist Content &Quot;Tired Of Listening To Macho Lyrics.&Quot;  Photo Efe / Alba Feixas

Mala Rodríguez, together with Gata Cattana and different artists, opted for rap and reggaeton with feminist content material “tired of listening to macho lyrics.” Photograph EFE / Alba Feixas

Different Spanish artists, such because the Valencian Pupil.les, heiresses of Mala Rodríguez or Gata Cattana, they wager on feminist rap and reggaeton, “tired of hearing macho lyrics in the state and international scene that treat women as objects.”

Within the {photograph} that he printed on social networks you’ll be able to see the singer with ten ladies, amongst them the actresses Esther Expósito and Hiba Abouk, the mannequin Jessica Goicoechea, the designer Miranda Makaroff or the photographer and associate of the musician, Rocío Aguirre.

Supply: EFE / Marina Estévez Torreblanca