Omar Chaparro acusado de fomentar la violencia

A TikTok video was shared where the comedian “hit” his wife because they “loved each other” leading to outrage.

Los Angeles.- “They say where there is fight there is love“is that the audio you used Umar Chapro Keep company with Video comedian from tiktok imitates killing In the head is his wife Lucia Ruiz de la Pea, also known as “La Mozarita”.

in order, Lucia returns blows to the actor, always acts, and “Haha and you think only you love me?” ends with.

Although the clip generated hundreds of “likes”, many Internet users reported that the “joke” only promoted domestic violence, with others commenting that this type of content encourages gender violence.


## Goal Couple ## Goal Couple ## Umar Chapro ##from hate to love ## chaparando

Original Soundboard – Surry Perez

like “hashtag” “#NiUnaMás” also appeared among the comments in which Omar Chapro was condemned That violence should not be used “even as a joke”.

The allegations of promoting aggression were one of the main claims against the actor, who shared the video on his Instagram account, despite criticism.

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