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They accuse her of having a life of luxury! Daniella Navarro responds if she has a driver and employees for her (VIDEO)

  • Daniella Navarro was accused of living a rich life
  • The fifth place of ‘The House of Famous 2’ appeared disheveled giving an explanation
  • Does your romance with Nacho Casano continue?

A month after the end of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, the attacks and rumors that surround one of its most controversial participants, Daniella Navarro, do not stop and now it is said that the Venezuelan has no financial need because apparently she has a driver and various employees working for her and her family.

When she was in the Telemundo reality show, the actress from Venezuela assured that she was doing everything for her daughter and needed to win the $200,000 prize to give her little girl a better quality of life, but a few days ago rumors began about the supposed lifestyle that Daniella Navarro led… could it be that she does have money?

Daniella Navarro spoke about the rumors that circulate

Daniella Navarro appeared to clarify

Late in the morning, with a black blouse and white stripes that seems to be pajamas, accompanied by her mother and aboard her car, you can see a video posted on the Instagram account ‘The Hot Table‘, where Daniella Navarro takes her daughter to school and starts talking about the rumors surrounding her life.

Since the Telemundo reality show ended, the Venezuelan has not rested from the constant attacks she has received for her participation and attitude in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, where she was branded as the worst and it seems that she is now suffering the consequences of said situations that exposed it.

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