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These are the songs that inspired Queen Elizabeth II in her mandate

Throughout his reign in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II Not only did she rule her entire town, but she also caused great furor within her citizens, not to mention that the rise of punk would talk about creating anarchy against her.

Thanks to these movements and protests carried out by the youngest citizens of that time, various bands and music groups were created that used theirs letters to protest against it.

And believe it or not, these songs can be found on any online music platform, in addition to the fact that the authors themselves confessed that they were not afraid to write and sing them.

From ‘Sex Pistols’ to ‘The Simpsons’; Queen Elizabeth II in film, television, theater and music

Songs inspired by Queen Elizabeth II

Although not everything was hunky-dory, some of the bands created songs that did support the English Crown, and just like the Pet Shop Boys did, some of the songs not only made fun of the monarchy, they also portrayed the reality of some English.

The perfect example is the melody ‘Dreaming of the Queen’which speaks of taking the tea with the monarch

Here we leave you this theme of the band so that you can listen to it besides the fact that it is one of the more danceable.

‘The Queen is dead’, the controversial Smiths

The Smiths are one of the UK’s most recognizable bands not only because of his lyrics and the behavior of Morrisey, his vocalist, but also because he is one of those who speaks the most about his country and on such an emblematic album they did not waste to launch a harsh criticism of Royalty.

And it is that not only his album implies what it was going to be about, but also the song of the same name ‘The Queen is dead’, It was all a movement against the English crown.

Here it is for you to listen and understand the little anger of Queen Elizabeth II.

Anarchy on the UK, sex pistols

As already mentioned, the relationship between the Sex Pistols and Queen Elizabeth II was complicated, and it is that the grouping of Sid Vicius did not miss the opportunity to criticize the monarch in not just one, but two songs.

And it is not only ‘God save the Queen’ caused controversy in the world, the song ‘Anarchy in the UK’, was harshly criticized because it spoke of the inequality that there was in the country.

Don’t stop listening to these songs that Queen Elizabeth II inspired these groups.


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