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Friday, July 1, 2022

These are the films of the International Official Competition

Special day for movie lovers. 23rd edition of the traditional BAFICI is already among us. and until May 1Supporting the reactivation of Cinema Corrientes Street, Buenos Aires returns to the traditional rooms of the city.

This year, the festival presents an event designed for all audiences: 290 films with over 450 screenings, of which 223 films They will also be showcased online and over 60 special activities at over 15 locations.

refering to international official competition, BAFICI returns to the idea it started in 2021: short and feature films that compete with each other. A total of 31 movies from 19 countries.

there is one The spectacular presence of Argentine cinema: Eight titles of local origin, six of which will have their world premiere at the festival and one internationally.

“Fanny Walk”

In national movies, it stands out fanny walka review, by way of essay, of actress life fanny navarroFell in the staunch humiliation of PeronismDirected by playwright and actor Alfredo Arias—his third film in 40 years—and Ignacio Maslorens.

A Moment from "Fanny Walk" by Alfredo Arias and Ignacio Maslorens.

A Moment from “Fanny Walk” by Alfredo Arias and Ignacio Maslorens.

Filmed mostly in black and white with a beat, music and montage which refers attackby Hugo Santiago (It would be no coincidence that the Maslorens made a documentary about the filmmaker), fanny walk Featuring the title character (played by Alejandra Radano) wandering a city torn between joining or staying out of politics and devoting herself entirely to acting.


They can be bought on the portal let’s live the culture and at cinema ticket offices, 150 for general and 100 for retirees and students at a cost of pesosSame value as all Baficite and Foci works.


The section’s jury is made up of Spanish journalists and screenwriters. Xavier Angle, Director of the Valladolid International Film Week (SEMINCI) since 2008; Chilean musician George ArriagadaWho has worked on the soundtracks of around 150 films since 1977.

Israeli documentary filmmaker and cultural manager David Fisherto whom the festival dedicates a spotlight to the screening of seven of his documentaries, and the Argentine director and screenwriter sophia peacockwho presented his first documentary as director in 2019, livingston methodWinner of the Audience Award at Bafici that year.

The competition will award the following prizes: Grand Prize, Award for Best Feature Film, Award for Best Short Film, Best Director, Special Jury Award, Award for Best Performance, and Incentive Award for Argentine Cinema.

Films in International Official Competition

l’et et moifrom Max Linzo (Germany, 2022, 85′)

kingfrom Lisa Beerwirth (Germany, 2021, 125′)

racehorsefrom Fiona Lena Brown and German Bassos (Argentina, 2022, 85′)

clementinefrom Constanza Feldman and Agustin Mendillaherzou (Argentina, 2022, 109′)

KEOP/S SYSTEMfrom Nicholas Goldbart (Argentina, 2022, 120′)

fanny walkfrom Alfredo Arias and Ignacio Maslorens (Argentina/France, 2021, 82′)

He is goingfrom Ignatius Ragon (Argentina, 2022, 13′)

visitationfrom carmel sandberg (Argentina/Uruguay, 2022, 10′)

"La Vista", by Carmella Sandberg, is a co-production with Uruguay.

“La Vista”, by Carmella Sandberg, is a co-production with Uruguay.

ballastfrom Ignatius Sarch (Argentina/Switzerland, 2022, 17′)

i dreamed that tom was crushedfrom Martin Slipak (Argentina, 2022, 15′)

big movefrom kiro russo (Bolivia/France/Qatar/Switzerland, 2021, 85′)

patientfrom Constance Fernandez (Chile, 2021, 108′)

"The Patient" by Chilean Constanza Fernandez.

“The Patient” by Chilean Constanza Fernandez.

ghost projectfrom robert doveris (Chile, 2022, 97′)

tundrafrom Jose Luis Aparicio (Cuba, 2021, 30′)

Admirationfrom Madar Fernandez Iriarte (Spain, 2022, 24′)

sister diesfrom nus balus (Spain, 2021, 85′)

"Sis Dice Current" by Ness Balls.

“Sis Dice Current” by Ness Balls.

comet of happinessfrom tyler taormina (United States, 2022, 62′)

Eleanor will never diefrom Martica Ramirez Escobar (Philippines, 2022, 101′)

suberotic bulgefrom Fleece Holland (Finland, 2021, 18′)

decentfrom mehndi fikri (France, 2021, 11′)

A. Vendreddy, Robinsonfrom Mitra Farhani (France/Switzerland/Iran/Lebanon, 2022, 97′)

big little planfrom louis garrell (France, 2021, 67′)

shelterfrom Erica Kwok (Hong Kong/Portugal, 2022, 25′)

Small talkfrom laszlo sacio (Hungary, 2021, 2′)

The Cry of Granueilfrom donal foreman (Ireland, 2022, 82′)

transparent, i amfrom yuri muraoka (Japan, 2021.11′)

technology, Motherfrom saulius baradinskas (Lithuania, 2021, 18′)

Malintzin 17from Eugene Polgowski and Mara Polgowski (Mexico, 2022, 64′)

our archfrom Deniz Tortum and Katherine Hamilton (Netherlands / United States / Turkey, 2021, 13′)

after a roomfrom Naomi Pacific (UK/Netherlands/Switzerland, 2021, 21′)

of airfrom Marco Salaveria Hernandez (Venezuela/Cuba, 2022, 11′)

The competition will award the following prizes: Grand Prize, Award for Best Feature Film, Award for Best Short Film, Best Director, Special Jury Award, Award for Best Performance, and Incentive Award for Argentine Cinema.


The festival will be displayed in the following rooms of the so-called Corrientes Avenue Area: The Cultural San Martín, Lorca Cinemas, Cosmos, Gaumont, Multiplex Monumental Lavalle, Alliance Française and Sala Leopoldo Lugones (San Martín Theatre). and in the so-called Peripheral Rooms: Cinema Museum, Usina del Arte, Cultural Center 25 de Mayo and Centennial Park Amphitheater.

All programming, ticket reservation links and catalogs can be found on the Vivamos Cultura website. or via BOTI WhatsApp (city’s virtual assistant, 11 5050-0147).

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