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These are the Barbie movies you can’t miss on Netflix

If you were a girl in the early 2000s, you will surely remember the movies barbie and this time, Netflix surprised us by including some wrist bands that you will surely remember.

These tapes are remembered because it was not just another premiere, each one was accompanied by various editions of Barbie as well as its secondary characters and official merchandise that you will surely remember ordering in Kings Day.

Here we tell you more about these barbie movies that probably still live in your memory.

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When do the Barbie movies premiere on Netflix?

One of the most important franchises in cinema is the one that Mattel and Barbie created for their entire audience, who for a long time asked to have this material in their streaming catalog.

This August 16 you will be able to enjoy these films in the comfort of your armchair since barbie and their different adventures will reach the small screen.

Some of which you can enjoy are ‘Barbie and the princess and the commoner’,‘Barbie and the twelve ballerinas’in addition to the fact that some of the new productions of this franchise of the adventures of the best-known doll in the world are still available.

What is ‘Barbie: The Princess and the Commoner’ about?

This film premiered at year of 2004 and tells the adventure about Princess Annelisse who is kidnapped by her royal adviser in order to seize the crown by marrying the Queen.

This film is also one of the many Barbie musicals where we were able to know some of the best songs that now you will surely only remember if you listen to them again.

But not only this movie will be available since one of the favorite characters on the internet is a little blue fairy named Bibble and who is one of the many memes that reigns over social networks, so now we have it back on the small screen. .


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