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There will be a new show at Movistar Arena and tickets are already on sale

The band itself seems to have been taken by surprise by the coordinating power of the Babasonicos, as they fell short with two programmed tasks to present their new album at Movistar Arena Stadium last weekend. Now the band has announced another date: October 28., Tickets are already on sale this afternoon movistarrena.com.ar

After the release of his album ditch front clampThe Babasonicos produced an impressive show with a new staging that had never been seen before, featuring their new material and songs from the classics of all time.

Full Stadium: Movistar Arena of Babasonicos, last Friday.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Full Stadium: Movistar Arena of Babasonicos, last Friday. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

first date

Without ever repeating himself and with a lasting dose of surprise in his albums and concerts, Babasonicos achieves what his productions have like the effect of medicine at best: a bombardment of sensations where there is a mix of excitement, pogo, dance and introspection. There are moments.

The band clearly demonstrated this in the first two shows of Movistar Arena, where they combined Introducing a new album without forgetting their best repertoire, And although it had already filled the same stadium six months earlier, everything seemed different and new, again surprising and shocking.

And just as the song list was perfect, the sound was brilliant and the light of his eternal ally, Sergio Lacroix, was amplified, despite maintaining the general concept of the December show: aiming at the highest of the ceiling with a battalion of followers. To convert the coordinate shape to all sides, first with white and then adding color.

two hour show

Were two hours and about thirty songs, vocalist Adrian Dargelos walked a catwalk from the stage itself, which placed him among the people of the countryside, while multi-instrumentalists Diego Uma and Carca, as well as keyboardist Diego Tuon, bassist Tuta Torres and drummer Panja. Only guitarist Mariano Roger had a catwalk moment at Sin Mi Diablo, where he took a few steps forward.

Mariano Roger from Babasonicos.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Mariano Roger from Babasonicos. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Beginning with a sequence of hits: goodbye, hot ones You Bitchthen on to the epic Flora and fauna,

new topics like mimes are mimes, paradoxes You nordic lie alternate with older hits eg spear You QuestionWhere the lights colored everything with blood and pushed the masses into the most tribal dance, as it was later repeated dielectric You laughter,

was also the rockiest and heaviest quota of rocks Idiot (with great flames), this is how you talk, brats You without my devilOr more acoustic sections like . new version of his deer,

Adrian Dargelos at Movistar Arena.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Adrian Dargelos at Movistar Arena. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Later irresponsibleAdrian said “”I calculate that they want more than me, more than us”. Another important moment was the series the way things were, charismatic You horse,

“What a beauty at night!” Dargelos summed up shortly before the end left of nightHowever then came the inevitable repeat: enough, smoking and always passionate the last strawstuck on one topic from the beginning, Bye.


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