There is already a date for his show in Argentina

There is already a date for his show in Argentina

Urban style’s most iconic duo, Visin y Yandel, together and individually, is set to flourish a musical career full of successes. for this they will start The Last Mission World Toura concert where their fans will be able to see them together last time on stage,

will go on tour Movistar Arena on June 12Where this pair will perform for the last time in our country.

tickets will be available from Friday, May 6 at 2:00 pm. Via

Visin and Yandel are the epitome of urban style.  ap photo

Visin and Yandel are the epitome of urban style. ap photo

How’s your show?

Both shows are reputedly electrifying. He is accompanied by his band at every show and An audio-visual show with the highest technologyBut the real stars are absolutely Visin y Yandel and his unique brand of urban Latin music, his fusion of genres and his passion for style, delivery and power on stage that no one in his musical style can match.

,we are happy There’s energy in it, and that’s what we’ll do on tour”, Visin promised in reference to a tour that would be greater 25 cities around the world and it will end in style with 14 shows sold At the Puerto Rico Coliseum in December.

Lonely don’t forget It is the duo’s final release and the single will be part of the new album by Puerto Rican leaders. Apparently, the album is scheduled within a month. under name final mission This new production will mark the end of a cycle that changed history forever in the lives of both the actors.

about the pair

Juan Luis Moreira Luna (Visin) and landel veguila malviya (Yandell) are a pair from Kei, Puerto Rican. They began their career in 1998 and have been together ever since, also known as the Duo of History, Los Extraterrestries and Los Lidares.

dynamic duo He puts his own and very special style in every song. They are united by a lifelong friendship, a common passion for music and a peculiar talent, a perfect combo that sets them apart from the rest.

Their first album was released in 2000 under the name King of the new millennium. The following year he presented From new to old. In 2002 he edited Otherwise.

In 2003 they put on sale my life…my lifean album that earned them Leading roles in the film of the same name,

In 2004 both musicians released their first album as solo artists. Survivor (Visin) and who against me (Yandell).

arrives in 2005 for the worldThe album with which they welcome him to their record label: YY Records.

Visin and Yandel will come to Argentina for the last time.

Visin and Yandel will come to Argentina for the last time.

In 2008 they continue production Aliens, Another Dimension, his eleventh record material. In the same year he also launched the mastermind,

In 2009, without stopping, they returned together. revolutiondisc which was later allowed to make a deluxe edition called Evolution, Collaborating cast includes: 50 Cent, Enrique Iglesias, Aventura and Ednita Nazario.

In April 2012, Wisin y Yandel Presents follow the leadera single who collaborates Jennifer Lopez.

In 2014, both musicians Decide to continue developing your solo career And release the disc separately. Six years after their final material, the pair recorded and released in December 2018, the album The People’s Champions – The Big Leagueswith the support of Ozuna, Romeo Santos, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Zion and Lennox, Farouko and Mickey Woods,

They launch in late 2019 pompous girl And they announce a new album, which was postponed by the pandemic.

On February 10, 2022 he released the single don’t forgetThe second promotional cut of the latest studio album, titled, suggestively, last mission.


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