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there are more than five kilometers of delay

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Two people were injured after a multiple crash on General Paz Avenue, at the height of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Mataderos.

The sinister it happened around 4.30 at the height of Los Corrales avenue, where five vehicles collided in a chain, in the Riachuelo direction, and two people were injured and were transferred to the Santojanni Hospital.

After 7 o’clock, City Police personnel kept two lanes restricted while Ausol tow trucks awaited the court order to remove two of the vehicles that were blocking the route.

One of the affected vehicles.  Photo: @solotransito

One of the affected vehicles. Photo: @solotransito

Meanwhile, around that time, a motorcyclist collided with a car on General Paz Avenue, between Conde and Mosconi, in the Villa Real neighborhood, resulting in minor injuries.

As a result of this collision, the Police reduced one lane to traffic in that area of ​​General Paz Avenue, in the direction of Riachuelo.

General Paz was the scene last Sunday of a dramatic episode when a motorist drove the wrong way and collided with another vehicle at the height of Emilio Castro.

The crash was caused by a Volkswagen Gol car, driven by a 23-year-old man, who went up the Alberdi entrance in the opposite direction to vehicular traffic.

There he circulated about 150 meters, where the different cars that were heading towards the Riachuelo began to avoid him.

A few meters away, it hit a Citroën utility vehicle, driven by a woman who was looking for her partner, a DJ who had been animating a party.

As a result of the crash, which occurred before 6 o’clock, the driver of the Gol suffered multiple injuries and was transferred to the Santojanni hospital.

This Wednesday it was known that the Justice ordered the house arrest with the provision of an electronic anklet for control.

Disqualification from driving was also ordered for the duration of the judicial process.

An ambulance overturned in Palermo

Two people suffered injuries this Thursday morning as a result of the crash of a truck and an ambulance that was not transporting patients and that ended up overturned, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.

The incident occurred shortly before 7 a.m. at the crossroads. Paraguay and Salguerowhere for reasons that are being sought, a utility vehicle from the Edenor company and a private ambulance collided.

After the impact, the ambulance ended up overturned on the road, occupying part of the sidewalk.

The ambulance ended up overturned on the road, occupying part of the sidewalk.  Photo: Capture TV

The ambulance ended up overturned on the road, occupying part of the sidewalk. Photo: Capture TV

As a result of the accident, the two drivers had minor injuries and they were assisted on the spot by SAME personnel.

Since then, the corner was partially blocked while waiting for the road experts to arrive.

transit status

In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA), traffic on the Riccheri highway was delayed towards the Federal Capital at the link with the Dellepiane highway, while in the opposite direction, at the entrance to the Ezeiza international airport, there was normal gait.

Traffic was also intense on the main bridges that cross the Riachuelo (Pueyrredón, Nicolás Avellaneda, Ezequiel Demonty, Olímpico and de la Noria).

On the main national routes (3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 205, and 40) this Thursday there was vehicular traffic without interruptions in both directions, the same as on Highway 2 and on the rest of the routes atlantic

The train lines (Mitre, Sarmiento, Roca, San Martín, Urquiza, Belgrano Norte, Belgrano Sur and the Tren de la Costa) worked on schedule in the morning, as did all the subway lines and the Premetro.

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