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there are loves that can never be forgotten

there are loves that can never be forgotten

“The most beautiful years of a life are those that we have not yet lived,” he stated. Victor Hugo. AND Claude Lelouch, 53 years after the premiere of A Man and a Girl, takes up Jean Louis (Trintignant) and Anne (Anouk Aimée). I may have titled it Tales from the nursing house, however he opted for a extra poetic one, comparable to his dialogues.

It’s that Jean-Louis is in a house for the aged – lovely, with gardens – and his son contacts Anne, who’s barbarian, to go to him. “Not well. Has difficulty moving. His memory comes and goes, and when I visit him, the only thing he remembers is you. “

They Parted Ways Fifty-Odd Years Ago.  And Now She Visits Him In The Nursing Home.  Photo Cdi Films

They parted methods fifty-odd years in the past. And now she visits him within the nursing house. Picture CDI Movies

Who noticed A Man and a Girl, they get it. As a result of there are loves that may by no means be forgotten.

“Things didn’t end very well between me and his dad,” he reminds him and tells the viewers that he did not see the film, or that he’s like Jean-Louis, considerably forgetful. “He was not only a professional pilot, he was also a professional cheater.”

Jean-Luis is all the time together with his jacket, scarf, hat and unshaven. It doesn’t matter: he’s nonetheless a seducer.

A Picnic, With Wine And With Mosquitoes.  Photo Cdi Films

A picnic, with wine and with mosquitoes. Picture CDI Movies

Lelouch then returns to the previous, to the pictures in that sepiated black and white wherein Jean-Louis and Anne pamper one another, love one another, and the lyrics of the songs converse of them. Goes and comes. The digicam turning, the Citroën 2 CV, the poems recited by Jean-Louis.

In fact, like several Lelouch movie, when the characters converse they are saying sincerities, some dangerously bordering on sincericide, with an eloquence that …

Let’s have a look at:

“Have you lived here long?” You do not stay right here. Dying is anticipated ”.

A Selfie, With The Citroën In The Background .... Photo Cdi Films

A selfie, with the Citroën within the background …. Picture CDI Movies

“He spoke little or no. The ladies thought he was sensible as a result of he did not converse.

“I thought she was the woman of my life, but she was not up to the task.”

“Lying women are pretty” “Didn’t he try to contact her?” “No, now she should be previous and ugly. Like me”.

On Board A Car, As In &Quot;A Man And A Woman&Quot; (1966).  Photo Cdi Films

On board a automotive, as in “A man and a woman” (1966). Picture CDI Movies

“All love stories end badly. Only in the movies do they end well. “

“I think we are faithful until we find something better.”

And that we didn’t attain 25 minutes of projection … In fact there’s extra.

Trintignant Is 90 Years Old Today, And Aimée, 89. She Had Been An Oscar Nominee For &Quot;A Man And A Woman.&Quot;  Photo Cdi Films

Trintignant is now 90 years previous, and Aimée, 89. She had been an Oscar nominee for “A man and a woman.” Picture CDI Movies

“Before I ran, then I walked, then I wandered. Now I crawl ”.

“The things that one does for love … We must take risks when we fall in love.”

Anne does not have so many well-known phrases, however she does have hers. “I never thought that a man would have loved me so much.” “I used to be moved to see it. It was him, and it was now not him.

The music, the leitmotif, in fact it returns, and there are the lyrics that guarantee “To the question of what love is / my answer is you, forever.”

Surprise: Monica Bellucci Is ... Photo Cdi Films

Shock: Monica Bellucci is … Picture CDI Movies

And to shut, this dialogue: “What have you done all these years?” “I often thought of you.” “I also”.

“I was never so happy as when we were together.” “Me, terrified. You wanted to be the last woman in my life ”.

And, followers, watch it till the top. The top, finish.

“The most beautiful years of a life”


Drama. France, 2019. Unique title: “Les plus belles années d’une vie”. 90 ‘, ATP L. From: Claude Lelouch. With: Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Souad Amidou, Monica Bellucci. Rooms: Cinemark Palermo, Cinépolis Recoleta y Pilar, Showcase Belgrano, Hoyts Unicenter.

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