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theater and a series for Disney

After two years with out doing tv and with a play interrupted by the pandemic, Emilia Mazer is again within the ring, with two tasks. Each weekend, be a part of Fifteen days to speak about love, on the Regina theater and, as well as, he data a collection for Disney +.

Excited, she says that Fifteen days… it is a love story, even when it isn’t precisely a romantic comedy. Within the play, written by Víctor Winer and directed by Mariano Dossena, she is Agustina, the spouse of a self-help e-book writer that, when going by way of an existential disaster, relegates the duty of writing to his spouse.

“Actually, she is a woman who, until that moment, is like on one side, but, pushed by the circumstances, decides to take charge and goes to the front,” says the actress. On stage he shares a solid with Fabio Di Tomaso, Gonzalo Urtizberea, Esteban Prol and Edda Bustamante.

Emilia Mazer With Gonzalo Urtizberea, Fabio Di Tomaso, Esteban Prol And Edda Bustamante.

Emilia Mazer with Gonzalo Urtizberea, Fabio DI Tomaso, Esteban Prol and Edda Bustamante.

“With this situation, all the characters end up being challenged by love, just like the public,” he says. Set within the Nineteen Seventies, the work takes benefit of that point to painting a sure misplaced naivety. “Today other things happen, nevertheless the twist of the screw that the work proposes to rescue the most genuine and close of the feeling is interesting,” says Mazer.

After these final two years the place the implications of the pandemic are nonetheless on the floor, Fifteen days… brings a really direct have a look at one thing so basic to survival. “The work explains, with simplicity, what happens when we get away from feelings and put everything in our heads. That is why it is so important to be able to talk about love now, it is what sustains us “.

Among the many weekly swabs imposed by the protocols of every work, the capabilities and the recordings of the collection for streaming Disney + of which, for now can’t advance particulars, Mazer tries to regain a sure routine. “Things are normalizing on the one hand, but, on the other hand, you go out into the world with new rules and it’s a bit stressful,” he says.

Emilia Mazer Continues To Teach Acting Classes At Her School, El Aleph.

Emilia Mazer continues to show appearing lessons at her college, El Aleph.

Removed from complaining in regards to the state of affairs, the actress displays. “It’s good to have a job, even if everything around is complicated. Last year, when you couldn’t do anything, I thought: ‘And now what’s gonna happen?‘. But then the most important thing was not to get infected so as not to die, “he says.

Life in a pandemic

Emilia talks about how your priorities have been rearranged at this stage of your life. “The world kept going, but without emergencies. One should be able to go back to what it was before, but without so much stress,” he says. Throughout restrictions, the actress continued instructing, as he has been doing for a few years, in his personal college, The Aleph.

“It seems important to me to limit space and time for oneself and to allow for the unforeseen,” he says. That is how he skilled the confinement final 12 months, giving house to the unexpected. “I would like to regain a certain margin of tolerance that has been reduced to return, for example, to talks, even if it is from a distance.”

Concerning his exercise as a theater instructor, which alternates along with his different tasks, Mazer assures that he discovered to separate work, correctly talking, from necessity. And for that he added, along with appearing, different instruments, corresponding to meditation and yoga which, he explains, “are as important to the job of acting as they are to life itself.”

Fifteen days to speak about love It’s introduced on the Regina, Av. Santa Fe 1235 with capabilities: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, at 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

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