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The Ying Yang Twins collapsed on stage while performing D-Roc

A spooky moment occurred during the Ying Yang Twins’ Ozark Empire Faire performance in Springfield, Missouri, over the weekend, when rapper D-Rock collapsed on stage. In a video posted by a Twitter user jack petersThe 43-year-old rapper can be seen falling backwards before being escorted off the stage by security.

“The Ying Yang Twins’ D-ROC collapsed on the stage. Hope he’s okay!” Peters wrote.

D-Rock addressed the fall in a post on Monday, thanking fans for their concern and assuring them that he was fine. He captioned the video, “Thank you to everyone who called, messaged, or reached out to check on me in any way.” “I’m doing well. #Ontario CA We’ll see you on Saturday for the 00s Playlist Concert. -DRoc”

In D-Rock’s video, he explained what happened on Friday, saying that “it was 84 degrees outside,” but it was very hot on stage. The rapper said he kept telling his manager that he was feeling dehydrated and that despite drinking water, he fell to the ground before eventually waking up in a golf cart. When he woke up, a paramedic confirmed he was dehydrated.

D-Rock said he re-energized with water, Gatorade, and sleep, and the next day he returned to perform at a show in Florida. Proving that he was back to make himself feel, D-Rock also shared a video from his post-fall performance on Saturday.

Vanilla Ice headlines Friday’s show at the fair, where the Ying Yang Twins were special guests. The Ozark Empire Faire shared a statement on Instagram on Sunday regarding the downfall of D-Rock.

“Ozark Empire Fair wants to share that D-Rock has fully recovered from his collapse at last night’s concert,” the post read. “He received medical help backstage and was walking around before he left the fairgrounds. Thanks to the fans for their love and support!”

Due to the heat, the Ozark Empire Faire encouraged attendees to cool off in vendor shops that were air-conditioned.

D-Rock isn’t the only musician to suffer dehydration this summer. In early July, Carlos Santana was forced to postpone six upcoming shows of his Miraculous Supernatural 2022 tour after he collapsed on stage during a show in Clarkston, Michigan due to exhaustion and dehydration.

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