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“The world is forgetting the importance of music”


Daniel barenboim will direct this Saturday, January 1, a New Year’s Concert that, after the vacuum imposed by Covid-19 in 2021, it will once again have an audience in the room, and with whom the Argentine-Israeli teacher wants to remind the world, and politicians, of the importance of music.

“The world is forgetting a little the importance of music, there is no education for children in schools,” he said during the press conference to present the recital with which the Vienna Philharmonic welcomes each new year.

“We must remind the world that music is one of the most important activities,” said the director, who confided that he hopes that this year’s Concert “inspires” politicians to think about “the importance of the spiritual need for music for the population” and “not only because of the coronavirus, but in general.”

The Pianist And Director, In His Performance At The Granada International Music And Dance Festival, In July 2020. Photo Efe

The pianist and director, in his performance at the Granada International Music and Dance Festival, in July 2020. Photo EFE

Barenboim assured feeling privileged to be able to direct this concert for the third time, after those of 2009 and 2014, even with the restrictions by the Covid that have forced to reduce the capacity to only 1,000 people, 500 less than those planned so far.

With all protocols

All attendees must have the complete vaccination schedule (at least two doses) and show a PCR test less than 48 hours old, in addition to wearing an FFP2 mask throughout the recital.

The same system is applied to the dress rehearsal, on the 30th, and to the recital that is held on the 31st, which have the same program as the New Year’s. the 2023 concert.

“A thousand people is not ideal, but it is more than bearable,” said Barenboim, who said he felt very lucky to have an audience because “music must be enjoyed live.”

The Waltz &Quot;The Blue Danube&Quot; And The &Quot;Radetzky March&Quot; Will Close, As Always, The Concert.  Photo Efe

The waltz “The Blue Danube” and the “Radetzky March” will close, as always, the concert. Photo EFE

“This is going to be very special in these difficult times,” he acknowledged. The pianist and conductor admitted that all these restrictions pose an extra demand for the public, but he also recalled that for musicians it is a lot of work. “For the music to sound effortless, there is a lot of work on everyone’s part. Of those who play the music and those who listen to it,” he said.


In the recital at the Musikverein Salada Dorada, the waltzes and polkas of the Strauss family will once again be the protagonists of the concert that gathers the most audience each year through television and radio broadcasting to almost a hundred countries.

Fifteen pieces appear in the official program, six of them never performed in this traditional recital, without counting on the unavoidable waltz Blue Danube and the Radetzky March, which close the concert every year.In addition to works by Johann, Josef and Eduard Strauss, at the concert on January 1 there will be space this time for composers Carl Michael Ziehrer and Joseph Hellmesberger.

Barenboim, who will be 80 next year, has been working closely with the Vienna Philharmonic for more than five decades, first as a pianist and then on the lectern.


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