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The word of Jaime Lorente, the robber of La casa de papel who became El Cid

The word of Jaime Lorente, the robber of La casa de papel who became El Cid

Jaime Lorente sits, with his characteristic smile, facing the camera to chat alone with Clarion. He is, without a doubt, one of the Spanish actors who has gained the greatest international popularity in recent years thanks to being part of the success of The Money Heist -Where he plays Denver- and his time in the series Elite.

However, one of his greatest achievements came from the hand of El Cid, an original series of Amazon Prime Video with which he obtained his first leading role and where he plays Rodrigo “Ruy” Díaz de Vivar, historically known as “The Cid Campeador“.

After the good reception of the first part –of five chapters–, this Thursday Amazon Prime Video enabled the second season, with the same number of episodes. The series takes us to the Spain of the 11th century, where the power struggle between brothers governs, and with the knights defending their kings in the wars between the reigns.

“The recording has been very intense. Firstly because we shot the first and second seasons in a row and then because I had to make a very strong transformation of my character. Now Ruy is much more mature, with more conflicts and with much more weight dramatic then it has been a very strong emotional work“says Lorente, who also emphasizes that the experience of a historical shoot was like being in” a theme park “all the time.

Jaime Lorente As El Cid, In Full Battle.

Jaime Lorente as El Cid, in full battle.

El Cid campeador: a classic story that comes back to life

In the best style game of Thrones –But without the dragons, of course– the story raises war situations, betrayals, deceptions and family and love conflicts. The difference is based on the truth of the facts where, although there is a fairly wide gray between what we see on the screen and what happened, the result ends up being positive and easy to understand.

“Telling the prehistory of El Cid, where he came from before everyone knows him, helps many people get closer to the figure and suddenly you put this legend in the flesh, in flesh and blood, “he assures and clarifies that even the series will captivate those who have never heard of this character.

It continues: “A very universal series has been found, with universal conflicts and you can empathize wherever you are because, in the end, the classic is the classic because it never dies. There’s something about the human condition that’s always there, rolling and rolling. “

The price of the fame

The story of El Cid shows us some glimpses of the childhood of “Ruy” and during the first season they focus on his beginnings as a “paje” (the apprentice who is in the service of a gentleman) how quickly acquires fame that positions him as one of the most feared and unbeatable warriors. That same fame that Ruy acquires as “El campeador” coincides with the history of Lorente, so sudden and by the initial rejection that both felt when they became recognized.

Sudden fame left me empty, I felt like a product“, explained the actor less than a year ago in an interview with The country from Spain. Now, the situation seems to have improved, but the process, he reveals, was complex.

Jaime Lorente Plays Rodrigo Díaz De Vivar In &Quot;El Cid&Quot;.

Jaime Lorente plays Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar in “El Cid”.

“You have to do a job with yourself. I have been to a lot of therapy to get to know myself, to see how I could improve my day to day, to get all the positive things that (fame) has, because it is a lot “, Lorente explains and remarks:” In the end you have to work on yourself, it is the only way to move forward, to evolve, to be a little bit happier … Well, not to be happier, to be calmer ”, says Lorente to Clarion.

Like his character, who from time to time seeks to reconnect with himself by doing the things of when he was a rookie, the actor explains how he goes about staying true to who he really is.

I still do a very strong connection work with myself for that. I think you have to go back to the places where you are, I to my land, with my family, with my friends forever, with the people who have known me before being anything. I think that is what makes me connect with my essence, “he acknowledges.

The Second Season Of &Quot;El Cid&Quot; Is Now Available On Amazon Prime Video.

The second season of “El Cid” is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Paper House 5: goodbye to Denver

Season 5 of The Money Heist marks the end of the series success that catapulted Jaime Lorente to world levels, when he only came from having participated in some episodes of The secret of Puente Viejo, a fiction of Antena 3 with more than 9 years on the air.

That is why saying goodbye to Denver will be a process that the actor will have to go through in a very short time: the first part of The Paper House 5 will be out on September 3 and the second part on December 3.

Jaime Lorente In His Characters From La Casa De Papel

Jaime Lorente in his characters from La Casa de Papel

What has not yet been officially announced, but which could be a fact, is a third season of El Cid. Is it easier to fire a character with a great impact on the career having another already consolidated like Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar? “Well, more or less, I think you suffer the same,” he explains.

Saying goodbye to Denver has been very emotional for me. At the end of the day you go through a duelThere is something about you that is dying, which is what you have done and it is painful, “he tells us.

Could Hollywood then be the next stop in Lorente’s career? “Yes, they offer me a project that excites me, yes. But my objective is not to go there to achieve anything. If they proposed me a project that would excite me, I would say yes.”