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The Werevertumorro channel returns to YouTube

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After being deleted in previous days from the platform, the main channel of the youtuber Werevertumorro He officially returned to YouTube, as announced by the influencer through his Facebook account.

Gabriel Montiel, better known as Werevertumorroreports that although could not retrieve your channel namenor access to all the videos belonging to it, is already solving this problem.

The influencer is known for being one of the first youtubers Within Mexico and Latin America in general, after the great success of his videos, Gabriel Montiel later opened a second channel called Gaboreverwhich he used for more personal videos, said account is also in the process of recovery.

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Gabriel Montiel reported the loss of his channels in previous days

A few days ago, the influencer announced that his channels, Werevertumorro and Gaborever, disappeared from the YouTube platform without any notice.

The youtuber He narrated that he simply woke up and saw hundreds of messages from his fans, who questioned him about the status of his channels.

Added to the disappearance of Werevertumorro and Gaborever was the hacking of their collaborative channel ‘AtuLadoEsMejor’, in which Montiel uploads content with his wife, the influencer Fernanda Blaz.

Werevertumorro communicated publicly through Twitter to ask for help and thus regain access, however, not receiving a response from YouTube, his followers sent him messages of support and joined the cause.

Seeing no quick fix, Gabriel Montiel tweeted that a weight was being lifted from his shoulders by not having to upload videos, reiterating in several posts his intentions to retire as a content creator.

When the return of the Werevertumorro channel is known, his followers hope that those tweets in which the Mexican influencer suggests his retirement, remain in small jokes and continue creating videos.

While the youtuber regains full control of his channels, he has been communicating with his followers through Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, where he has been seen on vacation in California, United States.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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