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Thursday, December 8, 2022

The well known actress Sharon Stone confesses that she has a “large tumor” (Shots)

  • This was verified by the artist herself
  • “Get a 2nd opinion”
  • He promises he had a “misdiagnosis”

The legendary actress of “The Specialist” and “Catwoman” (‘Catwoman’, in Spanish), Sharon Stone introduced this Wednesday by her official Instagram profile that she has been identified with a “large fibroid tumor” after possessing received a “misdiagnosis”.

The American actress, who has announced that she will be out between 4 and six weeks to test to get better entirely, urged women of all ages to generally ensure the health care opinions received, according to facts revealed by Efe.

This is how he introduced his terrible illness

This is how he announced his terrible illness

“Ladies in specific: Really don’t be fooled. Get a second impression. It can save their life, ”she wrote in an Instagram tale this Wednesday, Efe collected. And it is that, as she experienced state-of-the-art a day before, the 64-year-old interpreter made the decision to go to one more physician.

“I will be out for 4-6 weeks to thoroughly get well. Many thanks for your awareness. Anything is fine”, confessed the American actress, according to Persons. Sharon Stone requested for the second view immediately after a sore established in that brought on her to get worried.

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