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‘The wedding of the huitlacoche’; this is the origin of the popular song and its meaning

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In recent weeks, a song of the Mexican regional genre has become very popular, Carin Leon is the interpreter of this success that is in the Top 50 most listened to songs in Mexico on Spotify. Is about Huitlacoche’s wedding.

In addition to its catchy rhythm that makes everyone dance at parties, lSocial networks like TikTok have served to boost its success as it has become the song that plays during a very popular trend on the platform.

Although Carin Leon gives a very special touch to the lyrics of the song with her voice style, you should know that Huitlacoche’s wedding It is a success that premiered more than 50 years ago and was originally not accompanied by a band like it is now.

Over the years it has been performed by large groups such as Los untouchables del norte in 2016, Los Broncos de Reynosa in 1974 and originally Carlos Madrigal in 1958.

Contrary to what many think, the real name of the song is La boda del Huitlacoche and it was written by Carlos Madrigal in the late 50s.

What is huitlacoche?

The lyrics of the song have raised doubts in thousands of Internet users on social networks because by paying attention to what is narrated in each stanza you will be able to understand that it is a wedding attended by birds of different types.

“Today the huitlacoche marries a famous magpie,” says the chorus of the song. Huitlacoche is the fungus that sprouts from corn and is used as food in the gastronomy of southern Mexico.


Some users claim that it is an error in the lyrics and it should say Cuitlacoche, which is a kind of songbird.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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