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The voices of the end of Diego, one year after his death, in a new Spotify special

The voices of the end of Diego, one year after his death, in a new Spotify special

Like his life, the death of Diego Armando Maradona was an extraordinary event that surpassed the world of football. A few days after his departure, Spotify released Maradona’s last days, a six episode podcast.

This audioseries original of the streaming service gives an account of everything that happened in that final stage of the Ten. Through “a thorough and honest investigation”, there are never-before-heard interviews with those who were closest to him in the days leading up to his death, on November 25, 2020.

The journalist Matías Martin, a fan of the “10”, tells the intimate story of someone who had to pay a high price for being the best footballer in the world.

&Quot;The Last Days Of Maradona&Quot;, A Six-Episode Spotify Original Podcast.

“The Last Days of Maradona”, a six-episode Spotify original podcast.

Each chapter focuses on one stage: his last soccer adventure as coach of Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata is reconstructed, how his final months were and the road to his death.

“For many, on November 25, 2020, a God died. Throughout this series we are going to discover that the person who died was actually Diego: father, friend and idol”, Reads the advance of the service of streaming.

How is the first episode

In the first chapter of the podcast, titled “The news”, listeners will be set to November 25, 2020, the day on which Diego’s death unleashed a media avalanche around the world.

Diego'S Death On November 25, 2020 Unleashed A Global Media Avalanche (Efe / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

Diego’s death on November 25, 2020 unleashed a global media avalanche (EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

Martin goes back to that day to say that he learned of Maradona’s death just as a new broadcast of his radio program started. The driver defines himself as a “maradoneano” and says that the journalistic coverage included many talks with fans of Diez, in a kind of collective catharsis that – like so many Argentines – helped him deal with such a loss.

But the chapter starts with the story of a source little named in the media. Is about Colin campbell, a surgeon from the private neighborhood of San Andrés, in Tigre, who was called by a security guard to assist Maradona minutes before the ambulances arrived.

Campbell narrates the minute by minute of his entrance to the country house, details who was in that play room improvised outpatient room, and ensures that when he approached to take vital signs “He had that characteristic cold sweat of a person who was lifeless more than two or three hours ago ”.

The First Chapter Of The Podcast Focuses On How The Scoop On Maradona'S Death Was Conceived (Efe / Demian Alday Estévez).

The first chapter of the podcast focuses on how the scoop on Maradona’s death was conceived (EFE / Demian Alday Estévez).

Later, Mariano Verrina, a journalist from Clarion, describes the step by step of how he managed to be the first to give the scoop: since the first rumors of strange movements in the country reach him, the exchange of messages with a source close to Maradona, the confirmation of the news and his decision to shoulder the publication of the obituary.

For 34 minutes, “The news” addresses the impact of the death of the star around the world, how it affected those who were close to him and how, little by little, grief gave way to questions and investigation into his death.

The last part of the first episode deals with Daniel “Pólvora” Delgado, Diego’s partner in that mythical Los Cebollitas team, who remembers the first time he saw him play and try to realize how complicated it was to be Maradona.

The rest of the podcast

The Second Chapter Tells Of His Passage Through The Dorados De Sinaloa, A Whole Football Revolution.  (Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia).

The second chapter tells of his passage through the Dorados de SInaloa, a whole football revolution. (Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia).

The tour of the second episode, “The return” (31 minutes), takes place on September 6, 2018, the moment when a rumor began to circulate that took all of Mexico by surprise: Diego Maradona was the new coach of Dorados, a soccer team from the city of Culiacán, in Sinaloa.

The arrival of the star in Sinaloa marked Diego’s return to Latin America after several years in the United Arab Emirates. Of course, it also sowed many doubts, since no one knew exactly what Diego was going to do in Dorados. But, to the surprise of many, generated a revolution.

The third episode is “The Tribute” (24 minutes), and addresses his last stage as DT of Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata: his return to Argentine football after 24 years and the tributes in each stadium he visited, which would end up being his great farewell.

The Third Episode Of The Podcast Addresses His Time As Coach Of Gimnasia Y Esgrima La Plata.  Efe / Demian Alday Estévez

The third episode of the podcast addresses his time as coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata. EFE / Demian Alday Estévez

“The fall” (41 minutes), the fourth chapter, gets into 60th birthday, that October 30, 2020 in which the world witnessed its deterioration: the fifth, “The hospitalization” (38 minutes), he goes back to those days in the country, a postoperative period that brought his children closer to him and to each other.

“The world without Diego” (33 minutes) is the sixth and final episode of the podcast. Through many audios of those who were closest to Maradona, It seeks to rearm the minute by minute of what happened in that room.

A podcast with several hosts

The audioseries, produced by Adonde Media and accompanied by Spotify Studios, brand Spotify’s first release with six simultaneous adaptations.

Frenchman Thierry Henry Is The Host Of The Podcast For France And The United Kingdom.

Frenchman Thierry Henry is the host of the podcast for France and the United Kingdom.

The idea of ​​the platform was that each version of the podcast had its own host, who worked with the research team to tell the story of Diego Armando Maradona in his own words.

The hosts, in addition to Matias Martin in Argentina, are the former footballer and current French coach Thierry Henry (for France and the United Kingdom), the Argentine Jorge Valdano (for Spain and the rest of Latin America), the Brazilian journalist Juca Kfuori (for Brazil) and the Italian actor Salvatore esposito (for Italy).

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