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‘The Voice’ Top 11 Revealed: Jim and Sasha Allen, Joshua Vacanti, Wendy Moten, Girl Named Tom and More!

'The Voice': Watch the 13 best live performances and vote for your favorite!

The voice Season 21 live shows are here and it’s up to the audience to decide who will make it to the finals!

After the top 13 performances on Monday evening, the live show on Tuesday announced the top 11 singers who will be alive for the next week. The top 11 includes the singers who received the most votes this week, as well as the winner of the Instant Save, a wildcard vote between the three remaining artists.

Team Kelly Clarkson still has the Season 21 advantage after her team swept the competition, with all four singers making the top 11 – including this week’s Instant Save winner Gymani! Blake Shelton has three vocalists left, while John Legend and Ariana Grande each have two. with an additional singer, as Hailey Mia was the season 1 winner of Season 21 last week!

Check out all of the top 11 performers below and vote for your favorite The voice App, or online at NBC.com/VoiceVote.


Girl named Tom

Hailey Mia

Jeremy Rosado



Jershika maple

Joshua Vacanti


Holly Forbes

Jim and Sasha Allen


Wendy Moten

Paris Winningham

Lana Scott

The voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT / ET on NBC.


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